I’m going to be quick and to the point.  I’ve been sick for a week.  Missed a few hours of the training (not anything important, though). Lost my voice!  (I know.)  Coughed until I nearly blacked out.  It’s not been my best series of days, let’s just go with that.

             What I have gained from this experience is all rolled up in our message.  It’s about that old favorite, the Attitude of Gratitude.

Take nothing for granted.

             Nothing.  No.  Thing.  Like air.  And the actual ability to breathe it on our own.  And clean water.  We have it!  For free!

             Also, we are never alone.  We have our Tribe and out Team for support.  Always.  In any circumstance and under all conditions.

             To express that gratitude and acknowledge that appreciation is paramount right now.  In fact, let’s all do it together.  Reach out, say thanks.  Give a smile.  Share a hug.  Donate something.

             I’ll start.  Thank you, every single one of you.  For showing up, for staying with me.  And for sharing with others.

             Not surprisingly, the draw on our altar takes us beyond validation, on to the next level of this message.

guardian angel

“Sweetness  ~  Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is asking you to notice and enjoy the nectar of life. ‘You are sweet,’ your guardian angel says of you, ‘and I can help you feel that happiness and joy.’

If you’ve felt toughened by life experiences, your angel can help you lower your defenses . . . and still be safe, protected, and respected.

This is also a message for you to treat yourself with tender sweetness.  Give yourself rewards and be kind to yourself.  Are you pushing too hard with an ‘all work and no play’ approach to life?  Be a sweetheart to yourself, and take some leisure time to play and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Your guardian angel will also help you bring sweetness into your relationships in ways such as speaking with love, acting out of kindness, being generous, giving sincere compliments, and being thoughtful.

 As you show this extra consideration for others, it’s sure to be returned to you plentifully.  The Universe and all the angels are helping you fall back in love with life and enjoy its rich sweetness.”

             If it seems as though I harp on Self-Care so much, it’s because of how important this topic is.  For decades I not only wasn’t doing it, but I didn’t feel as if I was even worth any.  (I still have my doubts, it’s an on-going struggle.)

             So we need to listen when get these reminders.  We all deserve it!

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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on the porch

             Rain or shine, cold or warm, join me out here on the porch…


6 thoughts on “Acknowledging the Attitude

  1. I will join you on that porch! I also really understand where you’re coming from. Our bouts with pneumonia this winter left me much more appreciative of things like having the energy to move, make my own tea, and eat something other than a grilled cheese sammich. One big thank you to my team!

  2. With you on the sick thing. All of us got that nasty crap that’s going around. We’re blaming my daughter’s friend’s child for sharing. We’re starting on week three here. We’re better and functional, but still congested. Our poor dog about lost his mind because no one wanted to take him out, let alone play with him, poor thing. My sympathies and well wishes to you. It’s a nasty ass thing to have. Hope you’re well and and bouncing around soon.

    Oh, what a lovely, lovely porch. *Sighs longingly*

  3. I hope you’re feeling better now! Yes, breathing easily is definitely something to be grateful for, developing asthma last year taught me that! Thank God (& whoever developed them) for inhalers!

    1. I’ve had a few terrifying nights were the only thing that literally saved my life was a bathroom full of steam.
      (An inhaler would have been nice!)

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