Have any of you ever seen the bumper sticker Everything IS in Divine Order?  Well, that’s kind of what our current message is focusing on.

             Us, being where and who we are because of when it is.

It’s About Time

             I’ve not always had the best relationship with Time, we rarely agree or get along.  But I do understand the concept of Perfect Timing, and how there’s a time and place for everything.

             I mean, I get it, conceptually and logically, I just struggle with it emotionally.  Impatience is one of our most difficult lessons.  We want it now and we can’t figure out why that’s not happening!  (Might just be me on this one.)

             But it takes as long as it takes.  There’s no getting around this, it’s simply a fact.  We can accept that and Be with it, or we can drape ourselves in unhappy anxiety.  It’s all a choice.

             As I stood in the altar room, with my Time notes in my hand, all I kept hearing was “the animals, the animals, the animals,” so I reached out in the direction I was being guided to.  Yep, this was the right draw.


“Ant  ~  32  ~  Patience 

. . .it is time to show a little trust and patience.   You may have forgotten that you will always receive that which you need, at the time you need it the most.

If it is not on the horizon or just around the next anthill, you may need to use some strategy.  How can you put to use your power of creating until ‘it’ arrives – whatever ‘it’ means to you at this time?

Ant is working for the good of the whole.  Are you?  If you are, be assured that the whole wants the same goodness for you, and that it will be provided.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, illustrated by Angela C Werneke

Today’s Sharing:

is to express my enormous gratitude to the folks who have brought me local Spanish radio.  The joy I get from listening to this station is more than I could ever say or type or even sing.  Seriously, it never fails to make me smile.

             (No, sadly, I am not bi-lingual.  I am a non-Spanish speaking Mexican.  And apparently, there’s lots of us.)


4 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Not just you. I have patience with my critters (well, most of the time) but with life, not so much. It’s always a ‘job’. We Taurus’s can be that way. 🙂

  2. Again, not just you… My Mom (I can’t wait until you get to meet her, unless you already have, which wouldn’t surprise me, now that I am thinking about it) had a horrible relationship with time, or with anything to do with numbers, for that matter. She also wasn’t the most patient person on the planet, but was pretty good at teaching her kids about delayed gratification.

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