Over our time together here, we’ve received thematic messages, as well as repeated ones.  And we know that whatever type show up, they are all relevant.

             What I’ve been hearing the past few days (along with a place name, which I still haven’t figured out yet), could possibly be filed under both categories mentioned.

             This is the first part of it:



             Which I believe is saying that we are supposed to notice and practice our Acceptance lessons.  (Focus on what we DO have, not what you DON’T.)

             Personal example time.  I (might!) have a tendency to complain about how much I dislike our house.  Well, hello?!  I have a fucking house!

             It’s a fine dwelling.  It’s roomy, and all of my crap is in it.  Key component here?  To turn that bitching around.  Show some gratitude for all that this gift brings.

             End result: I am not homeless.  And neither are my belongings (of which, I have many).

             But then, there’s more.



             This is about the entirety of Mindfulness.  Even as I’m immersed in (bombarded by!) this new job-training, I am making the effort to stop, to breathe, to find a Quiet Moment.

             Being present can be accomplished with a tiny bit of work, also it’s beyond simple.  Everyone can do it.  It’s free.  And, more importantly, it’s good for us.

             The thing is, we forget.  So, here is our reminder.  Arriving at the perfect time.

             Not at all coincidentally, I was directed to this stack.  Validation.  Always nice.


“Silence  ~

Rest your mind.

Silence is good self-care.”

             We can, and should, find those quiet spots.  Like enough sleep, it’s for our own good.  And when we are good, so are those who care about us.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Oracle Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this affirmation by Louise Hay, with an accompanying bonus photo, from the front of my refrigerator.

I have clarity of vision and purpose.

My inner knowledge constantly directs me to ways that are for my highest good.”



4 thoughts on “Conscientiously Present

  1. Ah, well, this is me. The first thing to cross my mind when I saw that picture was how many crawlies there were under those leaves. While I am a live and let live person, I would not want to share space with all the spiders, mites, hundred leggers, etc. running around in there. Loved the kitty in the tree, though. And, yes, I know, you do not! 😀

    A very timely reminder, this post. I have been bitching and complaining for about a week now and not practicing my here and now. I’ve been doing fairly well this year, but it’s been hard. And like you said, you forget. Especially when you’re struggling. So time to suck it up and get back to my gratitude journal.

    Congrats on passing the first test!

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