There are days when these messages seem blatantly obvious and clear.  Other days, well.  On other days they simply are not.

             For the past few “mornings” I’ve been waking up to music which, at first, doesn’t seem shareable.  Until I sit down to write.  At that point, it all shows up.  With bells on.

Life Tunes

             What is the soundtrack of our lives?  What songs accompany this journey that we are all on?  The answer is a Universal Truth, and it’s where we need to focus right now: music is with us constantly.

             Human-made tunes and melodies alongside nature-crafted sounds and songs.  We’re surrounded by the orchestra of Life.  The band is playing, and we’ve got front row seats.  (In some cases, we ARE the band.)

             When we pay attention to it, stop, breathe, relax, and really hear that music, we are tuning in to each other.  To other souls.  To other lives.  Other energies.  We are being reminded of yet another spiritual connection.

             We may not all be able to play an instrument or read the sheet music, but we are certainly part of the concert.

             On our card altar, look who showed up.  As a confirming validation.

music of life

“Whale  ~

‘Through music you reclaim life’s magic and grow strong in body and soul.’

Whale, sublime denizen of the deep oceans, communicates in complex song and serenades his love from afar, telling her of his prowess, experience, and wisdom.

We rarely now use our voices except in mundane speech.  The cry of triumph, the song of joy, the mystics’ chant, and the scream that releases tension all die before they find utterance.  

Yet rhythm, vibration, and frequency say much and heal both body and soul.  Reclaim your voice and like Whale, grow stronger and light as his magic transforms your mind.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages, Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides Oracle Cards by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS clip from an album I purchased about two years ago.  I play it when I’m the substitute leader for Aqua Yoga at my pool.  Also, it’s just wonderfully relaxing, so sometimes I pop in the CD, slow everything down, and simply enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Harmonization

  1. Talk about striking a chord with me! We (global we) do ourselves a huge dis-service when we think that we “can’t” make music because of a lack of training. Nonsense! We have a built-in rhythm section (hands and feet) and everyone can sing, regardless of what we’ve been told. For those of us who have the ability to read music and play an instrument, the experience of “tuning in” to one another is really amazing.

    The “soundtrack of our lives” is not complete without the music we listen to growing up. Recent deaths have slammed me, hard, with the loss of musicians who have been the soundtrack of my life. The music lives on. Listen to new music. Listen to nature.

    I love the card!

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