We’re getting this message right now because it is, clearly, very important.  Some of us have been experiencing our recent retrograde phase more intensely than past occurrences.  (Partly due to many of us being the extra-sensitive types?  Probably.)

             When that happens, well, it’s just time to retreat.  (If we could go TO A retreat, that would be best, but of course, most of us can’t.)

              Here’s the exact wording, as I was made aware of it:

. . . . the importance of Self-Care.

             Our “quick three minutes” – remember that?  It needs to be done every day, or even more than once a day if we can manage.

             The Universe is reminding us that we can’t take care of anybody if we, ourselves, are not taken care of.  And who best to do that?  Us.

             If we can afford to be pampered, awesome.  If we have to carve out those precious few moments on our own, to maybe just stand in a closet, or hide in the bathroom, or wait in a parking lot, then we grab our Me Time that way.  The point is, take it!

             You don’t need someone to make recommendations, you KNOW what you like and what helps.  I can only say what works in my case.  And, what works for me on regular days doesn’t always work for me on depression days.  (Lately, there has been an imbalance, and it’s not in the “good” direction.)

             When we make sure that Self-Care is a priority, we ensure that we are coming from a place of comfort.  We all need that sacred place, that sanctuary, whether it is a physical destination or not.

             Let me say that again, we NEED this!  It’s non-negotiable.  It’s a basic necessity, like air and water and food.  Care, it’s what keeps us going and what feeds our soul.

             To show us how truly valuable our wellness is in the grand panoramic view of life is the current card on our altar.

friends and family
6 of Cups

             When I first started reading the Tarot (a gazillion years ago), I named this one Friends And Family, for the obvious reasons.  But it’s also about our inner-child, and about our support system.

             The scene is idyllic.  The image a pleasure to view.  And the feelings it brings up are generally happy ones.  (At least, that’s the hope.)

             To recall how it felt, being cared for and loved, that’s the point, that’s our message.  Don’t leave our mental (and physical) health in the hands of just anyone, make it a priority.

             Self-Care.  Important!  That tiny, younger version of ourselves deserves nothing but the best.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing: 

is THIS piece (speaking of tiny versions of ourselves), written by one of my children who survived being raised by me.  (Make sure you click on the spot at the end where comments are shared, the first one is my brother’s oldest daughter.)


2 thoughts on “Primarily

  1. Kinda like the way we were brought up, huh? Be home in time for dinner, or if later, by the time the street lights came on. Going alone to the store at age 7 or to the park to play (or climb over the cemetary wall and sneak into the mausoleum) (California), running the woods all day climbing trees, swimming in the creek, fishing, riding my bike whereever, hunting, yes, with a gun, by age 12, (West Virginia), ‘accidents’ were just part of life. That having been said, I’m not ‘against’ safety, Heaven knows having a seat belt on has saved my life a couple of times. And a helmet, too, in a couple of falls I took from horses. What I object to is all the wrapping kids in bubble wrap and the whole ‘don’t say no’ ‘don’t yell at your kids’ ‘don’t let them make a mess or screw things up’ attitude. How are they supposed to get through life if they expect to be taken care of or have their decisions made for them? *sigh* I’ll stop here ’cause I’m heading up on my soap box.

    Personal choice, I wouldn’t have let them throw knives at the door ’cause I wouldn’t have wanted holes in the door – that’s what trees are for :D. And after having my son bounce out of a trailer being towed by a tractor and then getting run over by said trailer (he’s fine, the ground was squishy and kids bounce well 🙂 ) I wouldn’t let him ride like that again without holding on to his shirt. And, yeah, there are times to interfere. Like when your 5 year old decides to bend a large paperclip into a ‘U’ shape so he can stick it into an electrical socket to see what happens. But kids need to go out and take chances, and, yes, get hurt (up to a point), to help them learn cause and effect and to make good judgement calls. And doing stuff on their own gives them confidence in themselves that a lot of kids are missing these days. Okay, I’m really going to quit this time. Go Hanna!

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