When I have the wires or bands adjusted on my braces, the official terminology is detail work.  And that’s exactly what the Universe wants us to discuss right now.  Only, ya know, on a metaphysical level, not inside my face.

             I heard this before I left the comfort of my cozy bed:

fine tuning.

             Because of our current Mercury retrograde situation, it’s not a good idea to begin anything new at this time.  What IS recommended is all aspects of “re” – as in:

review, refresh, reassess, rejuvenate, renew, reenergize, resume, recall, regenerate, replenish, reawaken, revive, refine, repair, remember, revise…..

              The process of taking a moment to look deeper, examining those fine details, refamiliarizing ourselves with the smaller particulars gives us a chance to tune in, on a soul level, and simply within our own quiet and sacred self.  We allow our busy-ness to drop away for that second, and we are calm.  We are renewed.

              Another part of this has to do with releasing the nagging, material-world specifics, giving way to the peaceful, tiny blessings, letting them rise to the top.  Those usually uncredited players (like, our ability to hear and breathe and walk and speak) are not the biggest of our details, but they are among the most important.


             This is the first month of my other new calendar.  It’s going to be our Sharing and our Resource for today.

             Use it as a meditation aid, if that’s something you feel drawn to.  I’m going to study this view, then close my eyes, sending my mind to that left-side chair (so I can put my virtual feet up on the wall).  I’ll keep the details that want to hang around, and release those that are no longer useful.

              You might want to do something similar.  Maybe I’ll see you there?


4 thoughts on “Analytically Specific

  1. Beautiful. It’s amazing how much a good photo can do for your day. Last year I spent some Christmas cheer on a sale book “Daily Gratitude: 365 Days of Reflection” by National Geographic. A new picture and quote for each day. It was wonderful. I’m going to get the “Daily Joy” book next.

    I had forgotten about the retrograde. My daughter and I have trying to get a ‘new’ schedule for our days and the critters going and it has been one hassle or ‘thing’ after another. Guess we had better back off a total revamp.

    1. A pleasing image can make all the difference!

      Yeah, this particular retrograde (for whatever reason) has been particularly intense. For EVERYbody.

      1. Mercury is also a sneaky bastard. Last night I put up a post on my blog. It was my ‘puppy’ dog’s first real snow since he was little and Saver managed to get some pics. Well, I got a red warning thingy saying that I had used up all my allowed free space. I didn’t know HOW that was possible, I was at like 30% the last time I checked. And the numbers didn’t look right at all. Saver took pics with her phone and I had gotten a new camera (still a cheapy), were the pics *really* taking up that much space? I decided to delete some photos to see how much I would get back. Guess what? If you delete photos out of your media, it deletes them from your blog posts! *Head desk* AND when I went back to the dashboard there was no more warning and the numbers had gone back exactly to what I remembered. Now if I want those pictures back in my blog, I have to go back to my photo albums and repost them. GAH!!!

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