Where do we turn?  Who do we call upon?  What is available for us when a need arises?

             These are some of the questions I woke up with this morning.  Then, I was made aware of the answer.


              Resources are like a savings account we didn’t know was there.  Something to draw on that never runs out.  We always, no matter what, have someplace/someone.

             We all have our own spiritual Team.  They are with us constantly, and need nothing more than a thought, plea, or cry for them to act.

             Many of us have a family of birth, and/or a tribe we have chosen.  There is community, neighborhood.  Whether on a global scale or within our own hand-selected group, we are not alone.

              All of these resources are there for us, and the list of resources is endless.  This was made evident for me in the past 24 hours.  When I was running smack-fucking-face-first into Mercury retrograde.  And, understandably, becoming frustrated beyond all reason.

              Keep reaching out.  That’s what I realized, that’s what our message is.  If the first resource isn’t able to help.  Keep asking.  Keep going.  Keep trying.  And then, try again.

             If we get creative with where we look, we have even more doors to knock on.  And that’s what my first calendar page of this year is reminding us.


             It’s about the feelings, and the needs, and the emotions.  It’s about genuinely being ourselves, our honest, flawed, and sacred selves.

             It’s also about how we are social creatures.  Even those of us who prefer never leaving the house or getting dressed.  We still do have that yearning to touch in, reach out, make contact.

            For creating, for connection, we have resources.  Plenty of them.

Today’s Inspired Resource:

Be Here Now, teachings from Ram Dass 2016 Calendar

Today’s Sharing:

is from our old friend Louise Hay,

I now move into a new era of Prosperity and Abundance.

Thank you, Life!


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  1. The well-spring of resources. Family, clan, neighborhood. It’s all there. What a delightful concept.

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