Our most recent message arrived as I sat down to fill in some of my new 2016 day-planner*.  Again, so prompt and appropriate.

*As you may well remember, there are many calendar styles happening around here.  This one is the most intensive, I can’t just hang that type on the wall, I have to manually transfer all of the important dates.

             When the Universe wants us to know something important, we get repeated signs and symbols.  Similarly, I hear about what we need to discuss/listen to in a variety of ways.

             Today, it just showed up, and I heard this:


             We need to look at our receptivity.  Are we facing into the future with arms wide open?  Or are we holding on too tightly to what no longer serves and is no longer useful?

             Because also, this is about not being hung up on a fear-based mind-set.  About allowing those worries and stresses to slide off, and away.

             It’s a Cosmic Truth that what we focus on, we receive.  So, the more we are open and available for goodness, the more amendable we’ll be on a soul level to the eternal, infinite gifts and blessings which are simply waiting for us to accept them.

             On the other hand though, the more we complain and dredge up old negativity, well, the more we are bombarded with continuing discomfort and crap we sincerely would like to live without.

             Here, on our card altar, we are being shown that the future, our next full year (and beyond) is wide open.  As we are encouraged to be.

Endless Possibilities

             The potential for manifesting a very prosperous and beautiful future is endless.  It is a blank canvas (or drum) for us to paint on, create from, and craft anew.

             When we are available, all manner of joy is welcome.  When we are joyful, this brings even more love and light to follow.  What we think about matters.  Who we believe we are also matters.

Today’s Deck:

Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams, David Carson, and Angela C Werneke

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS VIEW from Instagram.  (Be sure to click through and see what I said on that page.  It’s all true.)

She’s waiting.

             We’ve had some bonus guests for the past week.  And some typically wintry weather.  Made for an entertaining few days.

              (Good thing we were available!)


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  1. Just posted a blog that I think you’ll like in more ways than one. It is a fun psuedo poem style called paradelle. It’s called Profane Paradelle. And – it references animals messages like the cards in this reading. Happy New Year, Julie!

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