This morning (ish) when I got out of bed, I was singing (unprompted) a familiar and catchy song, except with slightly altered lyrics.  Immediately it was clear that this would be our first message of twentysixteen.

             How timely of the Universe to ring in a new year with an uplifting (and relevant) reminder.

In The Best Way

             When we begin each interaction or situation (or new day / week / month) with the attitude of kindness and positivity as our foundation, we have already brought loving light forward on which to build.  Forward for ALL of us.

             The best version of ourselves may be the one we’re living this minute.  Like, do we NEED to say that we’re not okay and must be improved upon?  Maybe, we’re absolutely fine.  Just like this, honestly and with genuine care.

             To be our best possible selves is never to drag down.  Never to beat up.  Never to make feel bad.  If we want to initiate a change, lovely.  If this isn’t the time for it, also lovely.

             What will benefit us the most is continuing to be aware of Self-Care and Community.  Are we doing our best?  Can we help more?  Are we treating ourselves as we do our sisters and brothers?  (And by “sisters and brothers” you know what I mean.)

             In the best way, is to reach high.  And always give credit for trying.  Because if we reach, and don’t make it, that’s okay, too.  There is no such thing as failure, merely lessons.

             On our card altar right now, I’ll let the draw speak for itself.  Also, it wanted to be seen in both directions.

in the best way

“Into the Unknown  ~  7  ~

Trust . . . . and all will be revealed.’


Life is an adventure, and often, new opportunities will arise that you won’t know how to deal with.  This is one of those times.

You are required to trust that this new phase will reveal wonders and miracles as you step into unknown territory.

Imagine that you are not only a path finder, but a path maker.  Whatever your inquiry, trust that you will be safe.

Stay aware as you discover new and marvelous territories and valuable treasures.


Inexperience plus overconfidence can lead you into a dangerous situation for which you are unprepared.  Always remember that wisdom comes from experience.

Keep an open mind and enter this part of your journey with alert eyes.  Don’t assume you know this territory.  You may not recognize what is hidden by camouflage.

This is not a time for careless adventure.”

             As the Challenger, it appears as though she’s saying the opposite of what is in the Direct position.  But is she?  (Answer: no, she isn’t.)

             Apply this one carefully, especially as we come closer and closer to the first retrograde phase of the year.  Where and who we are is sacred.  Always.  (Even in reverse.)

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS PIECE done by my Seattle girl (who is supposed to be on vacation, and yet, she’s still working).


6 thoughts on “Up and Coming

  1. Good message. And I LOVE Hanna’s article.

    My mother is anti-New Year’s resolutions (If you’re going to get something done, you don’t need the New Year to get started.), so when people start with the “What’s yours?”, she makes up something silly. “I’m not going out with Brad Pitt this year no matter how many times he asks.”

    I used to try it, but I always came up with an impossibly long ‘to do’ list that was a recipe for failure from the get-go. So I just try to a little bit better in life than the year before. No schedules, no lists to check off. The beginning of the year isn’t so miserable that way.

    Happy New Year!

  2. yes, thanks for a great post, and also for the link to Hanna’s article. LOVED her wise perspective on New Year’s. I also quit doing new year’s resolutions –specific, measurable ones– a long time ago, because I invariably failed, and then was invariably pissed at myself. In the past few years I’ve tried out just picking a theme, something to think about/research/learn. That works pretty well for me. Happy New Year, dear Julie, to you and Dan.

  3. The one “resolution” I have made for the past 15 years is “don’t sweat the small stuff”. I remind myself of that quite frequently. In the greater scheme of things, if we look at Our Card today, both directions, it is all an adventure which can be both exciting and scary, especially if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings.

    Happy New Year to JulieLand, to the Clan and to you.

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