No matter what holiday you celebrate at this time of year, or even if you don’t participate at all, there’s a history we can’t ignore.

             Every culture on every continent has SOME sort of festival of lights/returning of light.  Some are small and simple, some are large and intricate.  All begin in the same place.

             For that reason, our message today is all-encompassing.


             We gather, or we honour, or we acknowledge in our own personal way.  We share, or we draw strength from going quietly within.

             We light candles, we feed each other, we sing, we are warmed by our blessings while we mourn those who have left us.

              No matter what title or name we call these celebrations or rituals or silent seconds, they are here and they are our touchstones, our markers along the journey of our lives.

              On the card altar right now, this story continues, with robust validation.


“Bat  ~  9  ~  Rebirth

Just as a baby rests inverted in the womb waiting for its moment of birth, the Bat hangs upturned in the cave waiting for night to fall; the cave an ancient analogy for the Womb of Mother Earth.

As the Bat exits her cave, she symbolically recreates the act of birth as well as demonstrating our desire to step out of the darkness of uncertainty and to symbolically rebirth ourselves.

The image of Bat flying out of a cave denotes desire for new beginnings or the chance to start from scratch in one or more areas of our life.  It alludes to the idea of completely rebirthing who and what we are, as if re-emerging from our mother’s womb as a new being.

Rebirth signifies shedding all the outworn aspects of our life.  It represents a complete reshuffle of how we view the world and how we see ourselves within in it.  It embraces the complete letting go of our very nature so that we may rebuild it, brick by brick, to reveal the true essence of who we are meant to be.

Although rebirth is generally seen as a symbolic process, renewal of one’s energies can be achieved on many levels – emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Bats herald a time of discarding old practices and of adopting opinions that nurture rebirth, symbolised by stepping into a new phase or facet of life.

To resist one’s fate, or to push against the tide and to deny the inevitability of such an important transformation, usually results in the prolonging of our suffering.  It is our destiny to grow and become our future.  It is Spirit’s will  . . . .  but in order to do so we must be prepared to face a symbolic time of death, and welcome a time of rebirth.

If Bat has flown into your cards today, be prepared to consciously face all your emotional issues and to remove the obstacles that are preventing your life from flowing smoothly.

You must be prepared to cut out any dead wood and to remove the garbage if you are ever to encourage new growth.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is this Instagram view from the end of our own event.

winter solstice
Longest night…..

             May the light continually return, to us all.




5 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. Happy Solstice to you and yours. Our Yule celebration is a bit subdued right now because Mrs. Denial has come down with either a really nasty cold or the flu. So, instead of the fire I had planned, we lit a candle quietly in the living room and acknowledged longest night and the return of daylight.

      1. Thank you. Mrs. Denial got diagnosed with pneumonia on Wednesday. After three full days on antibiotics, she is on the mend. Slowly.

  2. ” May the light continually return, to us all.” Yes, please! Happy Solstice to you and yours!

    We are in our usual last minute rush, but since I have both kids home this year, it’s a much nicer rush. I’m trying to enjoy every minute, which, of course, is tough when you’re rushing. But who knows when next I’ll have them both home at the same time for the holidays.

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