Remember when we were talking about Acceptance?   And the Universe gave us that spiritual version of “it is what it is?”

             Well, that’s similar to what I woke up with this morning.  Here’s what I heard:

the Here and Now.

             Right now.  At this time.  In this place, here.  That’s where our focus needs to be.  We are being asked to aim, Here and Now.

             It’s important that we, as they used to say in school: keep our eyes on our work.

             Look here.  Be now.  Stand in this Sacred Space of the current place and time.

             When we gaze within, acknowledging the simple beauty of this gift right here, we are showing our appreciation and our understanding.  We’re not grasping at what others have, we don’t whine about our lack or our needfulness.

             We see this, here we are.  Now we live.  This point in our journey is valuable.  As are the people who travel with us.

             To see the everyday miracles is to be one with Source.  And that means, we are one with Nature.  One with all who connect on a spiritual and universal level.  It means to share Joy.

             Share the Here and Now.

             And on our card altar, that sentiment continues with this draw.

here and now

“Opening to Love  ~

‘My heart is open.’

Card meaning:

Love is on its way.  The more you open to love, the more its sweet nectar can surge through your soul.  From the love of others, to the love of self, to love from the Creator, love flows to and through you.

You are indeed a sacred vessel for love to flow through.

The Universe wants you to know:

There is nothing you need to do to deserve love.  It is already waiting for you.  It’s like the sun . . . . there for everyone.

It’s simply a matter of stepping out to bask in that warm and glowing light.  Who you are is enough.

This is true.  

In matters of romance, love is flowing, wounds are healing, and hearts are opening.

If only you could see yourself as those in the spirit world see you, you would know how very loved you truly are.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is my true pathway to love?  How can I open myself to love even more?  What is blocking me from welcoming love?


My heart is open.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that if you need something to make you laugh, I’m going to share THIS.  It’s some clips of a comedian named Kathleen Madigan.  She’s my new favorite.  Scroll down and see some of her stand-up work.  I promise, you’ll like it.