Ya know, we can’t help but laugh when the Universe hands us humour.  Or, in this case, irony.  (Yes, there is a difference, and I do know it.)

             It’s been a long and challenging past week for me.  (And for some you, as well.)  So this morning’s message totally caught me off-guard.  Then, I just had to smile.

Job Well Done

             If you follow Doreen on any of her locations, you’ll see that she’s been receiving similar information.  (As have numerous others.)

             But I didn’t know any of this until sitting down just now, because I could barely keep up with my own actual real life, let alone the social media presence one.

             Basically, we need to let any anxiety, guilt, or disappointment in ourselves go.  The past is behind us, let’s look at right now, with the Hope of a better tomorrow.

             We made it.  We accomplished so much more than we realized, simply did a much better job than we thought we did.  We survived, and yes, even thrived.  As we will continue to do.

             A little break and some compassion never killed anyone.  So let’s all take a deep breath, invest in a dose of Self-Care, and step away from any negativity.  Especially the self-induced sort.

             And when we look at who showed up on our card altar, we are able to see how very safe (and necessary) that exact recommendation is.


“Hippopotamus  ~

‘Friends stand close by to shield you from life’s adversities.’

Rotund, bountiful Hippopotamus counsels that you nourish those around you and be nourished in turn.

In a world of fast food eaten alone, the time has come to again break bread with friends and family as humankind has always done, and to take succour from confidences given and revealed.

Those intimates are eyes and ears looking out for us in a complex world and, like the red-lacquered coat of protective liquid which safeguards Hippopotamus from sunburn and dehydration, they shield us from the vicissitudes of life.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is this entirely serene view from our last trip to Heaven, oops, I mean the coast.

oregon coast
North Jetty,

             I look at it when I need a lift, you are welcome to do the same.


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  1. You were right the first time; heaven. And yup, “made it through” on so many levels, one big one in particular in the numbered world this week. Can I be your hippopotamus? Break some bread and be your shield?

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