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is to say that on Thursday I had (minor) surgery (in my mouth, bone grinding, upper gums slicing, and stitches to put it all back together).  Not surprising that our message is (brief and) somewhat related to that.

             We are all in the process of doing better, being better, and hopefully, making our world a better place.  As we move towards that goal, here is what the Universe wants us to focus on:


             For me, personally, and for us, globally.  There is simply too much fear-based ignorance being spread around as if it were Truth.  How do we fix that?

             We educate, we love, we share, and we aim for health.  Health on every level.  In whatever form it takes for each of us as individuals.

             If that means Self-Care, then go for it.  If it means standing on a street corner and waving signs, do that.  But truly, doing our part is a big piece of how we heal.  Heal ourselves, and heal our planet.

             In the card altar room I was directed here.  The reason is obvious.  For when we are whole and healed……

privacy and healing

“Sanctuary  ~  28  ~

‘Privacy, inviolate personal space, respected boundaries, and taboos.’

The Mermaids Sing:

The mer-world has many beings, one of our most secretive and elusive is (and are) the powerful Melusinas.  The Mother of all Melusinas is a twin-tailed merbeing, part woman, part dragon, part mer, part fey . . . . and she is here to remind you all that there are times when you need to declare to the world, this is my time.  And this is my space.

For you, much time has been given to others, to caring for them, to looking over them, to watching for them, to loving them, bandaging them, soothing them, satisfying them, feeding them – and now it is your time.  

In the legend of Melusina (or Melunsine), it was said that this great queen would have each seventh day and night for her own self, within her sanctuary, in the solitude of a deep and glittering bath, she would turn into her true self, utterly unobserved, and utterly free.  

In the legend, Melusina’s husband becomes so curious he violates his promise to her and invades her sanctuary.  Not only this, he is horrified at who she is, when alone.  Melunsina’s message to you is that you have the right to unviolated time out, time alone, during which you can be free to look, be, sound, dream, and swim as you wish.

True freedom within a relationship happens when each person’s boundaries are respected, when each person supports times for solitude, and recognises the freedom that comes with trust.

It has come time now for your partner to support your space, your privacy, your time alone, and your need for this time to be however you choose to be.  It is time for no-one to invade, or pry out of fear that their exclusive rights to you are being diminished or betrayed.

It is time for your relationship to step up a level, into greatness, where the independence of each, the part of you that belongs to you alone, is nurtured, respected, applauded, loved – but ultimately, left to you to determine.  

Will you ask for this?  Will you take this when it is given to you?  And will you declare these boundaries to be sacred?  

In many cultures men and women, individuals and genders have sacred spaces that is theirs alone.  It is a great taboo for others to enter into that space.  

This is your time.  And may this taboo – this sacred space you set – be held in awe and reverence by all who claim to love you, that by doing so, they will show that they do indeed love the entirety, the multitudes of you, support and uphold your freedom to be your own self.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish





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