In the business of marketing, where their job is to sell us more crap than we actually need, they speak of sales cycles.  There are times of the year when people really don’t want to go out and buy.  In fact, we’d rather not leave the damn house at all.

             It’s more natural for us (as animals) to hunker down as the days grow darker and shorter.  Fall is a time for gathering the harvest, but winter months are for staying inside.

             I’ve been thinking about that hibernation tendency a lot lately.  Dan and I are attending yoga classes twice a week now (one on land, one in the water).  It is truly the most beautiful and empowering hour of that day.

             The very possibility of those types of calm, inwardly reflective moments is what the Universe wants to reminds us of.


             When we are focused and alert, we are better suited for receiving our messages.  When we turn within, either in prayer or meditation or yoga or simply a quiet, still few minutes which we grab for ourselves, we are nourishing the soul.

             We are giving ourselves the ultimate gift.  We are involved in Self-Care on the highest level.  And we all know where that leads, out and around and rippling off into the rest of our lives.  Benefiting not just us, but every person we care about.

             The other thing we know about Self-Care and positively focused intention, is that they provide results.  Like this, for example.  Of all the cards, in all the decks, our draw right now couldn’t be more perfectly validating if I’d sat down for endless hours and manually tried to FIND one better suited.


“Proceeding Softly  ~

‘My inner power grows in moments of quietude.’

Card meaning:

Go forward, slowly and gently.  Stop to smell the daisies and enjoy the view.  Love and appreciate what is here now.

The Universe wants you to know:

When you take your time and go slowly, new perceptions blossom that you can’t see if you’re moving fast.  Step out of the rapid pace of everyday life, and step into the majesty of stillness.

Resist the impulse to go ahead with your first conditioned response, and tune in to your deep instinctual intuition.  Power is born when you relax into the present moment.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is the underlying wisdom for me regarding being cautious?  Is there an area of my life where I should slow down?  Should I view a certain person or situation in my life with caution?


My inner power grows in moments of quietude.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Gratitude:

is to say Thank You for whoever it was that protected Daniel last night, in the rain and dark, when he ended up over the handlebars of his bike.  No one else was involved, he suffered only minor injuries, and will be fine.  (The bicycle is also perfectly fine.  The gloves, we had to replace.)

             It just could have been much worse, so thanks, to those who kept him safe, and to him, for his quick instincts and self-preservation skills.  (That black eye is impressive, though.)


4 thoughts on “Quietude

  1. I’ve actually been taking some time for reflection and gratitude after everyone goes to bed the past couple of nights. It has cost me some sleep but it felt good. Now I need to back it up to daytime hours. Sleep is precious for those of us with funky immune systems! 🙂

    I’ve been headfirst over the handlebars before, years ago. Tell Dan I feel his pain. And at our age – MAJOR THANKS – for no broken bones!

  2. Really good message today, that of quietude. Think I shall practice some with intention (mostly, lately, I have been savoring my time while I cook outside. Just appreciating the solitude and changing season. I’ll try some focus next time. ) I have been watching with great amusement some of the Christmas postings over in FB land. I agree that hibernation is what we gear for at this time of year, and that to celebrate the return of the light with friends and family is one of the best things of the season.

    I, too, am glad that neither Dan nor the bike was damaged in is unintentional dismount.

    1. I’ll let him know, from you both.

      His foresight and reaction, in flinging the bike away/shielding his head/rolling out of the crash (ALL AT THE SAME TIME AS HE WAS IN THE ACT OF CRASHING!) is just fascinating to me.

      (When I crash, I just crash. But whateves.)

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