As we make our way around the Wheel of the Year, turning the calendar pages, moving through seasons of birth and into death, we may be appreciating and noticing more than ever before.

              I know I am.  And for this, I am truly and genuinely grateful.

              Which brings us to today’s message.  It’s a reminder for everyone who might be getting amped up in anticipation of what’s yet to come.  (Because, don’t.  It’ll be fine.)


              For the past few years now I’ve been running through a list just before I fall asleep.  It is compiled of things (people, feelings, actions, events) that I’m grateful for in that day.  Sometimes it’s lots and lots, other nights it’s less.  (But maybe?  More intense for its scarcity.)

             To make the ACTION of Gratitude become more than just a quick heythanks, we have to remember a place or moment withOUT.  Recalling a gap or vacancy will instantly bring us back around to honest thankfulness.

             As with the loss of a loved one, we FEEL that place where they aren’t any more.  They Universe wants us to honour it, but then, recall when they were here, while also enjoying where WE are.

             Let’s take a brief but meaningful few minutes today (and possibly every day) to breath deeply, slow down, and express our Gratitude.  Let’s say Thank You with intention and power.

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is this view from our upstairs hallway.  (Be sure to click and look at it closely.)

frozen boats
2015 Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather Watcher’s Calendar

             I am enormously grateful for professional photographers and the very fact that they share their gifts with the rest of us.  (Isn’t this picture amazing?!)