Very often, following (or near) a full-moon phase/emotional holiday time, folks feel the urge to be creative.  To build.

             As our message says today:

to craft.

             It’s not necessarily about scrap-booking or quilt-piecing (although, it very well could be), it truly is the need to allow our brains and hands to manifest freely.

             My favorite (cook)book authour says, “the space between what we want to do and what we can do – that’s where creativity and resourcefulness live.”

             She’s right.  We can learn something new, or we can revisit an old hobby.  We can play a game (or a section of music), or we can drag out our colored pencils and crayons for some rainbow-hued inspiration.

             The “it” doesn’t matter, the “doing” is what’s recommended and what holds the draw for our souls.  When the Universe gives us a green light to follow our instincts, the meaning is clear.

             We need that outlet, that release, that calm and intentional purpose.  We need to craft and be creative.

             And on our card altar right now, another version of this same reminder is present.

sacred space
Four of Swords

            The balance here is evident.  Our illustration is showing a person in repose, in rest, in complete relaxation.  This is the perfect representation of Sacred Space.

             Because where we are?  That spot of time and place, it’s holy.  Merely for having us in it.

             Maybe our “craft” right now is to find the exact right yoga pose, or to create a more meaningful altar upon which we are encouraged to meditate, pray, give thanks.

             Being of the Air, this draw shows us that to manifest we must first think of what we desire.  We must imagine it, so that we can then create it.

             The truth is, it really all begins within.  The thought, the idea.  Only then can we bring it to physical life.  To the place of creation.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS VIEW from Instagram.

Today’s Hope:

is that we all have a beautiful, safe, and festive Samhain.  Happy Witch’s New Year!


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  1. Well, that explains a few ‘cravings’ I’ve had for doing things. I couldn’t read the Chicago Tribune article. It wanted me to register or subscribe before I could read anything.

    Happy Samhain!

    1. That screen pops up, but you don’t have to fill it in. Just close it out with the corner arrow and the article is still underneath, scroll down. Also, if you see those but can’t find the box to close it you can sometimes click “behind” it and it will go away.

      I have no connection to Chicago and am not subscribed to anything like that.

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