Remember when we were traveling that one time and I was directed to pick up this deck?

sonia choquette

             Well, I recently came across her book that was written to accompany these cards.  Now is the time to address it all, in the form of our message today.

(Keeping Track of) Our Team

             We all have them, guides, angels, walk-besides, spirit animals, ancestors, companions; this isn’t news, we’ve been discussing it for years now.  However, do we check in with them as often as we could?  They are truly there to help, as long as we ask them to.

             It can be difficult to understand how very much they CAN assist us.  Even in our tired and cranky moments, merely calling out (aloud or silently), they’ll answer.  It’s going to be subtle, so pay attention.

             There are many ways of connecting, but the basics are, we must tune in, stay aware, be in touch.  The most direct way to start is: just do it.

             Ask for aid, comfort, support.  Give them your cares, your worries, your struggles, and your sufferings.  It’s what they are MADE for!  And, if it helps you to feel better, it’s what YOU agreed to before you put on the body you’re now wearing.

             Check in.  Stay in touch.  Ask for help.  Pray, meditate, scream and shout if that’s the way which feels right.  Just please, work WITH your Team.  I plan on doing it much more often.

             Here’s what else the Universe wants us to look at.  Because when we feel the worst is when we need that Team the most.


“Shadow  ~  25  ~  Divine Healers

Anger, Vengeance, Violation, Spite

Although no one likes to admit it, we all have our dark sides and shadows – those less-than-flattering facets of our personality that take delight in abusing and shaming others and wielding power in the most unfair ways.

Whether it’s the condescending remark to the slow-moving grocery bagger at the supermarket, the aggressive hand gestures directed toward the meandering driver on the road, or the belittling comment made to an uncooperative family member, many of us are guilty of hurting or deriding others at times.

Your Divine Healers are present now to help you witness your shadow, lovingly making you aware that it’s actually contempt of yourself and your vulnerability that fuels such hostility toward others.

These gentle but powerful higher forces surround you in love and urge you to accept and embrace your weaker aspects, rather than harshly rejecting yourself by attacking those aspects in others.

Ease up, and be more tolerant of yourself.  If you do so, those shadows will give way to light and healing.

Your Divine Healers’ message to you is: 

ask for help and accept our light.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is a quote *A* sent to me last week (the source of which I seem to have completely lost track of).

“You will always be too much of something for someone: 

too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy.  If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.

Apologize for mistakes.  Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone, profusely.  But don’t ever apologize for being who you are.”


8 thoughts on “Support Squad

  1. Good reminder! “They are truly there to help, as long as we ask them to.” It’s that slowing down long enough to remember to ask that is always the hard part.

  2. Good message to hear right now; not only with enlisting the help of your Team (and not just enlisting, but letting them and asking them to help) but also the reminder that if you smooth your edges you lose your edge. Great quote!

  3. I went looking for the quote “A” sent you and it is credited to Danielle LaPorte (she has a site). And why can’t you keep seeing “A”?

    1. Oooo, lovely. Thanks!

      Dan’s retiring, so I lose all of my insurance coverage.
      (There’s an option for him to pay a fee that would allow me to get some [less than what I have now] but it’s unreasonably expensive, not a chance in hell we could ever gather that much money per month [unless I somehow had 10x the number of card readings I’m doing right now, and if that were the case, I’d just pay her and anyone else directly].)

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