Several years ago I came across THIS BOOK.  It changed many things in my life.  And now, Alana has written a second one.  Her words and wisdom and insight reach out from afar and touch my heart.

             Our message today comes from her work.  As a wonderful reminder, a reminder that more and newer is not always better or even desirable.

The Homemade Kitchen
Use Your Scraps

             Every heading and story, from cover to cover, speak directly to our living intentionally and with care.  This is so much more than a cook book, it’s a collection of ideas and Truths.

The Homemade Kitchen

             I don’t like that we live in a throw-away culture.  It has to stop, or at least be noticed and drawn attention to, so the momentum can slow.  We create too much waste.

             Disposables are not.  Nothing goes away.  In our day-to-day though, we ARE able to make an effort to step off this trash train that so many of us are riding.  We can transition, we can improve.  We can promote and begin a movement of change, even the tiny ones we create on our own.

             We can compost, recycle, reuse.  Reduce the landfill-bound extras in our lives by being conscious.  Metaphysically speaking, we can do exactly the same thing.  Utilizing where and who we are, accepting our wonderfulness, our individuality, and our unique gifts.

             By using our scraps, we are keeping ourselves whole and healthy and attentive.  When we remember that we’re all connected and all holy, we can better tend our small patch, and in doing that, tend and care for so very much more.

             Our scraps have value, as do we.  All is special, sacred, and worthwhile.  But only if we stay knowledgeable and intentional and tuned in.

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Eating From The Ground Up, Alana herself, and her books.

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is THIS VIEW from Instagram.  On Thursday, point made, thirst quenched.


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  1. I have sadness for where I live. So much is not recyclable here. But I do what I can. I hate throwing things away. But I also can’t keep everything (hoarrrrrding…). *sigh*

    We missed Spirit Day here! And my son’s haircut appt…. (Damned post-its…) 8-0

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