We took the day off, left town.  (I know!)  Heading towards some forests and falls that I’d never seen before.  We’re in a drought, so water levels were low.

             Still, every stop we made was more lovely than the last.  I truly do live in a beautiful and wild place.

lane county oregon

             Here’s what I heard as we explored and rested and snacked and enjoyed:

This is what we get.

             Our adventures are about acceptance and appreciation.  Did we see the ocean on this daytrip?  No. Was what we did experience just as terrific and wonderful and necessary?  Without a doubt.

             And that’s what the Universe wants us to remember.  Here we are.  Because here is where we are currently supposed to be.

             Also, who we are.  We’re doing what we’re doing and being who we’re being because it’s right and appropriate at this moment.

lane county oregon

             It’s a gift.  This journey.  One in which we learn and grow and evolve and experience and share.

             Hold it.  Keep it in your heart.  Store it in your soul.  This is what we get.

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and Wildwood Falls.

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is to send you HERE, so that you can see me in action, literally receiving this very message.  And HERE for some pure nature.  Plus, HERE for one more view.


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    1. We began the trip with a vague list and direction in mind. This particular set of falls wasn’t even ON the list, and it ended up being exactly the right one.

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