Personally, we’re having a few ups and downs right now.  A lot going on, seemingly all at once.

             But what’s coming out of the chaos, what’s rising to the top like cream, is precisely where our message takes us today.


             One of my nieces recently replied via text: because family comes first.  She’s right.  And whether it’s our born-to or chosen clan, that connection of the spirit needs to be our highest priority.

            This isn’t just about shoring up someone who happens to be down (although, that’s totally important), it’s also that we have to remember our own state of grace.

             To be generous, in word and deed.  To give as well as receive.  To honour our own sacred selves.  To reach out and offer support where it will be most useful.

             That, that’s all a part of intentional living.  Of being supported and of supporting those we love.

             We’re not viewing anything from our card altar for this one, I was directed out into the hall.

welcome, October

            As I may have mentioned (about a gazillion fucking times), autumn is not my favorite season.  However, I am learning, and reframeing, and accepting.  I now know that there are definitely some positive aspects to appreciate about it.

             This image is one of them.  The weather, another.  Fall apples, oh yeah, big time gratitude there.

Today’s Resources:

me, my family,

and my 2015 Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather Watcher’s Calendar.

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is just to say that the post from Saturday was number 2,222.

Today’s Title Inspiration:

comes from the lyrics of this song.


4 thoughts on “Give Me Your Hand

  1. “Born to or chosen clan” really resonates right now. My friend Mary sent out several emails last night (she usually sends out an email with pictures from a day or two of her life, and was playing catch up yesterday) and one of them was “watching the lunar eclipse with the clan” that included her Mom and brother, me, Pat and Karyn, the first couple to get their marriage license when Oregon recognized same sex marriage, a member of Soromundi that I didn’t know, and three people that were from out of town, traveling, who decided to stop at LCC to watch. A clan.

    It seems to me like fall and spring are transition seasons with summer and winter as the focal points. I have always liked whatever season it was best, unless it was the season we were having, generally pretty happy with what the world was doing. This year, however, I am resisting the departure of summer. Not a clue as to why. I do like October as it was my Mom’s “month” (her having been born on Halloween) which does give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

  2. With you on fall not being a favorite season. We’re already running the furnace at night, the leaves are starting to fall, the garden is dying… you get the picture. My daughter has decided we need an attitude adjustment on life in general since things haven’t been going so well here (and I just had to put another cat to sleep on top of the rest) and is pushing gratitude lists. I’m working on it. “Reframing” is a good word.

    Love the calendar picture. That would be a lovely place to take a walk. The music video was wonderful. Now I have to find out more about her! (I blame you! 🙂 )

    1. I am a big fan of gratitude listing!

      Ingrid Michaelson has been a favorite of mine for years now. Yes, go look her up. She’s wonderful!

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