At the most stressful and confusing times, that’s when we need to be our most calm and focused.  And yet, we don’t always remember this.

             Today’s message brings us back to present.  Just as our conscious intelligence brings the wandering thoughts back to intention during prayer or meditation, this reminder is a centering one.

Clear mind, clear now.

             Worry is like traffic.  If you’re in traffic complaining about it, you ARE traffic.  If we’re all fear-driven, we create more fear.

             Much of our anxiety can be released and sent on its way.  Much of our “suffering” can be let go so that it makes room for more useful and beneficial pursuits.

             Imagery of the mind is similar to that of the sky.  Clarity is the goal, but clouds do have their uses.  Moving through stormy weather helps us to appreciate those vibrant sunny moments.

             On our card altar right now we’ve been given another reminder of how to keep a clear head and see with courageous vision.

clear mind and heart

“Divination  ~  15  ~

Prophesy, fate, destiny, future fortune

The Mermaids Sing:

‘We, the mermaids, surrounded as we are by the mirror of the ocean, the living refection of the past, present, and future, are among the greatest of seers.

Water, as demonstrated in the experiments by Doctor Emoto, holds and carries the vibrations of all that has gone . . . . and can hold all that will be.  Water is healing, and holds solutions that help us flow to a better place.

There is no ending that the water can show us, only myriad possibilities.  Water in some places is already holding the vibrational possibilities of the future – and we mermaids have been gifted the ability to read these…..’


To you, the mermaids have come via this card and they say to you that you too have the gift of seeing your possibilities, the gift of knowing  . . . it’s as if you can stare into water and see ripples of what could be.

The mermaids are oracles, sibyls of the sea, and you too have the power to connect with the divine, this power can be activated as you teach yourself the wisdom of the sea.

There must be discipline and purpose to your movement, instruction is coming, delivered through dreams and visions.  There will be signs, and there will be omens; the symbols will come to you.

You will dream, and while these dreams may seem cryptic, or a vision may seem to be unrelated to what is currently taking place, the Universe, the Ocean of consciousness and possibilities is calling to you to listen and to hear and to receive the signs.  Become aware.

Hear them whisper on the shoreline of consciousness.  Learn to read an oracle, work with nature.  You have a gift, it is time to exercise it with responsibility and beauty.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Sharing: 

is to simply say, our world is in transition.  Change is hard and it hurts.  When we all join together in lovingkindness we help to ease those growing pains.  Promote positive, and more positive will manifest.


6 thoughts on “Generous and Mindful Grace

  1. A timely reminder. A push, if you will. Hint, hint!! Clearing my mind is one of THE most difficult things for me to do. My mind is like a squirrel in a cage sometimes. Just never stops. A couple of weeks ago while I was at Half Price Books, next to the books I was looking at a little book on meditation was sticking out in the way (corner shelves). It seemed like an easy to use guide with different levels and a CD for $4.00. (The Meditation Experience, Madonna Gauding) Yeah, it’s still sitting in the bag unused. Guess this is the time to make time!

  2. Very timely card to begin a very hectic 30 hour time period. Thanks for the reminder and the coaching.

    1. Whether anyone believes in astrology/planetary influence or not, it happens. The last time something similar took place was the 1960s….. very tumultuous. Like now.

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