We’re going to turn things around today, because of how and when our message arrived.  No worries, it’s still me (the radio), just coming in from another direction.

             We’ll begin with this affirmation from Louise Hay.  (She of the Heal Your Life phenomenon.)

“I appreciate all that I do, I am good enough just as I am.”

             One of the struggles many of us have is an assured knowledge that we are not enough.  The nagging fear that we are inadequate, that we are constantly failing someone somewhere somehow.

             When we validate ourselves, reminding the entire self that we ARE enough (whether out-loud or silently in our mediation/prayer time) it resonates.  We can feel it ringing true.

             The problem arises when we doubt.  We question.  We waver in our convictions.  In essence, we lose faith.  In ourselves.

             The Universe wants to remind us that we are, as Louise says, very much enough.  We are, in all reality, more than enough.  We are complete and we are sacred and we (by our very existence, our being here, learning these lessons and asking these questions) are whole and then some.

             In my upstairs hall, I see this right now.  Strong and sure.  Deeply affirming, spiritually inspiring.

conquering self-doubt
A gift, for the entire month of September.

             After this calendar is finished, I’ll be keeping the above page.  (Maybe, I can even figure out how to frame it.)

             For now, we’ll be using it as our inspiration, and signal that we cannot fail.  We simply are too terrific, the very embodiment of enough, no matter what our brain sometimes tries to tell us.

             Looking with our soul eyes, we know the truth.  We know how valuable we are.  (We just have to keep saying it.)

Today’s Image:

2015 Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather Watcher’s Calendar


4 thoughts on “Adequacy Aplenty

  1. “(Maybe, I can even figure out how to frame it.)” What are you thinking? HOW many things do you make with your very own hands??? Yeesh. You can SO make your own frame, Ms. Crafty! 🙂 Just google ‘making your own picture frame’ for ideas!

    1. No, I’m not actually very crafty. I can hand-stitch, within patterns, but no. Really creativity is not one of my talents.

      Framing is especially difficult, I’m far too Virgo-minded to try it on my own.

  2. I do love that photo. I am reminded of a time when the Mrs. and I went to Hawaii (for my first time, on our 25th anniversary). We were snorkling on Poipu beach, and surfaced. There was a rainbow over the shore, and a monk seal on the beach. Wow. No camera, so we chose to have that image be one that we keep in our heads. You and 536 need to celebrate on Hawaii. Just saying.

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