We seem to be very ocean-themed right now.  (Well, when am **I** not?)  As well as old-adage-minded.

             Today’s message arrives with a piece of art that I came across earlier this week (while I was in search of some sort of belated greeting for a far-away friend).

             The serenity of this image reaches me on a truly soul level.  And as I sat with it, this is what I heard:

time and tide.

             Like the saying: time and tide wait for no man.  But also it’s true that we, as mankind/humanity, are still bound by time and tide.  In a way.

             To a point, we have to honour the pull of Mother Moon, and her tides.  We have to heed Grandfather Time, and his momentum.

             But, sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes we can move forward at our own pace.  We can take as much time as we need.  We can go at a rate which is nourishing and healthful for just ourselves.

             It’s about being an individual in tune with our Time and our Tides.  The inner clock that we, just our own single solitary selves, chime to.

moonlight fantasy

             Instead of flipping a card on our altar, we are going to enjoy this image.  An illustration which found its way to me, in exactly the right time.  On precisely the right tide.

Today’s Visual Gift:

is from Dana Queen, and it’s called “Moonlight Fantasy” from her Sea Cove Gallery collection.

Today’s Sharing:

is to say thank you.  Profoundly, hugely, and from my heart, thank you.

             Those of you who sent kindness and greetings for me this week, it was appreciated.  More than I can say here (or anywhere, for that matter).


4 thoughts on “Existence of Motion

  1. What a gorgeous picture! You know, sometimes I come here and just laugh and shake my head. I was cruising Michael’s and they have Christmas stuff out. This doesn’t bother me like at regular stores ’cause you need time to make stuff. And in one of the aisles they had plastic do-it-yourself snow globes. I didn’t think about a Christmas snow globe. Nope, what popped into my mind was how neat a dry beach globe would be. Sand and shells and maybe small driftwood that you could swirl around and have a different ‘beach’ every time. And then I come here and ‘Poof!’ a seashell picture! 😀

    And there is a Super Moon Eclipse coming up and the end of the month! Here’s a link for you to check out – http://earthsky.org/tonight/total-lunar-eclipse-blood-moon-hunters-moon-september-27-28-2015#eclipse

  2. There is something about the peace of the tides. I also like how the moon and tides do not march in step with what we’ve chosen for our time-keeping methods (both calendar and clocks!). There is nothing like feet in the ocean peace.

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