I’m writing this on Friday, so that it will post for you on the very first second of Saturday.  It’s a special day (and you can see below, we’ve gone with our Special Occasion deck), today The Deputy and I have been married for 33 years.

             Which is pretty great.  Until you compare it to our parents.  Both sets, 50 plus, for the two couples.  We have a way to go, me and Dan, and we’ll always be chasing them.

             This is okay, a good thing, in fact.  Not competitive, merely a focused aim.  And it’s what our message is looking at right now, too.

             We’re being asked to see:


             It’s a Universal Truth that everything changes.  While at the same time, much appears to be the same.

             What gives some relationships / lessons /general life experiences a hefty dose of longevity?  While others are short-term?

              People have compared marriage to sporting events, business deals, and a variety of other types of team or partnered activities.  It’s not like any of them.  It’s specific unto itself, and it can be a part of our journey.

              Also, a marriage can change.  From within, just as we do.  When it grows along with the people in it, then it has longevity.  When it is more of a rest stop along the way, then it’s not so long-lived, and that was the purpose it served. The lesson we gain, that stays with us forever.

             We all learn as individuals, and that’s part of our adventure, too.  Whether we participate together with another person, or we walk our path as a solitary traveler, the long-haul type of experiences are flowing and moving, shifting and evolving, just like all of life.  What we take with us from each lesson is where Longevity speaks the loudest.

             On our card altar, here’s one of the reasons why.


“Bustard  ~  18  ~  Confidence

Spirit is all that is.  It is the life force in all things.  Spirit resides in the mountains, in the trees, the rivers, and the clouds; the birds, the insects, the stones, the plants, and the four winds.  Everything of Creation is a celebration of Spirit – including you and me.

To know Spirit is to have unwavering confidence that we will be protected, nurtured, and encouraged to live a prosperous life.  To walk with Spirit is to know true abundance on all levels: healthy and happy children, meaningful relationships, a balanced life, a healthy and strong body, a sound mind.  When we recognise these things as being true abundance, Spirit welcomes more conventionally recognised forms of abundance to flow freely into our lives.

The Bustard exhibits a proud faith in the belief that Spirit and Mother Earth will provide all that is needed to live an honest, protected, and humble life.  It demonstrates how to achieve a modest yet confident air fueled by trust, stillness, and a discreet approach to life.

Bustard does not suggest that we strip ourselves of all earthly possessions in order to live a good life, though.  It simply warns that to favour material things and the attainment of money is no guarantee of an abundant and happy life.

Bustard wonders if you have stopped trusting your relationship with Spirit.  Have you lost faith in your connection with the Earth Mother?  Have you begun to see the accumulation of material belongings as being proof of your worthiness rather than the inherent connection you have with all things?

Bustard is encouraging you to sit motionless, silent within yourself, and ask whether or not you feel confident that your life is leading you in the direction you had hoped.  Are you able to hold your head up, with your face aimed directly at Spirit, and say that your life is all that it was meant to be?

Bustard asks that you focus on the wealth and abundance that you already have in your life and give thanks for them.  Surrender your fears and limitations and offer gratitude to the Earth Mother and to Spirit for your wonderful life, and feel confident that you will soon know great wealth on all levels.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

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is the Instagram view of our beginning.

married 33 years
Not really sure why it was legal in 1982 for children to get married…..

             Little known fact: my sister made that hair wreath about two hours before the ceremony.  Using flowers she and I picked from our apartment building’s courtyard planter and some leftover bits of my bouquet (which, itself, was a half-assed home-made construction we threw together, also at the last minute).

             Oh yeah, we’re fancy folk!   (Not.)


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  1. Congratulations! Hope you guys are going to enjoy yourselves on your special day. And, wow, you really do look like a couple of kids! So cute!

    1. No, by the time I had written this post, the day was over; we weren’t able to do anything special, he had to work and I ended up running a mall errand.

  2. Just as you two chase your folks, we chase you…. And hope that we never catch you. Seriously, congratulations. You two have done a great job.

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