Remember when we talked about how each of us have our own geniuses?  How we all learn in our own individual way?  I was reminded of this just now.  It was made known to me that there is a particular method, a way in which I comprehend most clearly.

             I can cement a concept better into my conscious brain if there is a sensible and basic structure.  It has to arrive with a usable image, an illustration that rings true, somewhere deep inside of me.

             And this time, it appeared as our message.

Travel Light

             Baggage (emotional or physical, real or metaphorical) is heavy.  And it’s burdensome.  It can be challenging to manage.

             The Universe is suggesting that we leave it behind.  Just walk away.  It is recommended that we journey only with a small carry-on.  When we arrive someplace, we can then add to what we’ve already (easily) been able to tote with us.

             But, if we’ve brought every single bit of crap in our pockets, packed in bags and luggage, balanced on our head, we don’t have room for anything new, and we certainly can’t enjoy the scenery.  We’re too busy managing our gear to be able to look out and gaze at the view.

            For me, personally, this is a complicated and difficult lesson.  But, when it’s framed in such a way that I can SEE it, then it becomes more accessible and less stressful to assimilate.

             The messenger who is currently perched on our card altar represents a timely validation.  It can be so complicated, looking at our own skills and flaws (going through that baggage).  And yet, when done honestly, it only helps us to shine more brightly (and freely).

             In the end, a genuine review (and a sharing) gives us the assistance we need to move forward in a less prickly and harsh manner.


“Porcupine  ~

‘You may defend yourself honorably without hurting those close to you.’

Porcupine trusts in the world.  Individual but unterritorial she shares her dens, her favorite verdant pastures, and is rewarded with plenty.

But when trust is broken Porcupine defends herself fiercely with barbed quills, causing even Tiger to defer.  Like Porcupine, share your bounty with others, be it material or emotional, and discover that it returns to you tenfold.

Trust in others while not hesitating in defense and you too will garner the respect that Porcupine commands and the happiness you deserve.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Counting News:

is to say that the post you are reading right now is number 2211.  In symbology, repeated numerals always have a deep and profound meaning.  Twos and ones bring us balance as we start anew.

             The duality of Two (repeated), alongside the individuality of One (as Eleven), shows us how to work together, begin team projects energetically, while still maintaining our own sense of who we are.

             From THIS site, we have the idea that “2211 is a number of family, harmony, and companionship, with an occasional desire to be alone for a while.”

             I love that definition, it perfectly describes me.  It also, apparently, is precisely where we are right now.


8 thoughts on “Defensive Release

  1. I just had to defend my car’s right to be in front of my apt by parking bumper-to-bumper in front of the asshole with a Benz partying at my neighbor’s apt & leaving a note on their windshield. I did restrain myself by not writing “FUCKING CAR” in the note, as I had originally thought to do.

    Yay for post 2211, a beautiful number, indeed!!!

  2. did you get your book? also – did you know Marion Keyes put out a new book in July? The Woman Who Stole My Life. I got it from the library tonight. I took my grandson to the library to read to a therapy dog in a program from Leashes of Love meant to help people who are struggling with their reading – pic on my current blogpost. Hope you are well!

    1. I did get it! THANK YOU !!!
      And I tried to reply on your post but it disappeared. I’ll go back.

      Yes, I was on the reserve list at my library, and picked it up the other day. Let me know what you think, I’ll do the same.

  3. Great message and card today. I was proud that on our recent sojourn we used all the clothes that we had taken (except socks; there were a couple of sock-free days in there) and that the rain gear was necessary. I also like porcupine’s system of sharing, harmony, and effective defense. I am also glad that this finds you in harmony. That is a very nice place to be!

  4. This message is so appropriate for me. I’m purging my home of ten years of everything I do not want to haul back to Los Angeles. A whole new beginning awaits. 🙂

    1. Aren’t we all in such a transitory phase right now?!

      Best of luck with your big move! And that next big adventure.
      (I’m so glad you’ll be closer to your kids.)

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