In our (often rushed) day-to-day doings, we become distracted.  We can forget why we’re actually here, why we’ve taken on this task, why we set forth this plan at all.

             The truth is, we are here to learn.  To grow.  To help.  To evolve!  And in the practice of it all, we sometimes forget our sacred soul self; along the way we might get caught up in the “game” but not the goal.

             Today’s message arrives as a pleasant and kind reminder of how we can smooth out some of the rough spots.  How we can let go of the stresses and coast a bit more easily.

Unconditional Acceptance

             When we cease the nothingness competitions, stop the race to nowhere, we can look with gentle eyes on our gifts, our spiritual accomplishments.  The very joy we feel in the existence of our loved ones needs to be acknowledged, with intention and awareness.

             Recognizing our own graciousness and beauty, that is part of unconditionally accepting the physical and mental aspects of this voyage, this adventure we are on.  It beings within.

             To move forward, with no conditions, with all-encompassing acceptance and lovingkindness, that is why we’re here.  That is our journey.  That is our task and our pleasure.

             On the card altar right now we have been given another type of gift.  Validating tales from healing waters.

unconditional acceptance


 ~  45  ~

 Wonder voyage, crossing deep waters, pilgrimage, journey of the soul.

The Mermaids Sing:

‘You may have heard in the great legends and stories of the Celtic people this word, Imramma . . . and of the many islands and seas that must be crossed , of the ninth wave, and of the places that you can journey to.

We come to sing to you of your own soul voyage that must take place now, and urge you to take our hands and swim, swim with us, sail next to us, paddle alongside us, and we shall show you the way to navigate the great currents and to traverse the world of the air and the world of the water.  

You have long divided yourself into your parts; your emotions you keep so separate from your head.  On Imramma, the lines you have so cleanly divided all into will blur, and you will at times no longer know what is real or unreal.

But all the while we will sing you onwards, calling you forth, so you continue to follow the journey of your soul.  Prepare for sights that are wonders, creatures who defy your imagination, and discoveries about who you are.

You will gather so much, and experience such awe, that you will feel at times you may be dreaming.  But you are not.  You are embarking on an Imramma, and all that you encounter is the Unknown.

Lands of strangers will teach you, and you will be akin to Odysseus as he voyaged.  And you will discover that mermaids are not those sirens of myth, but rather, the navigators of the emotional underworld, who are there to help you reach the other side, extending yourself, feeling the wind in your hair …’


‘….. the Imramma (or the pilgrimage over water) is one that is guided by the sea beings, including mermaids – and one that we all must make during our lifetimes.  You are now being asked to prepare …… Be ready – this will be a wonderful voyage, and you will always be glad you listened and made your pilgrimage of the soul ….. Say yes, for now is the time to travel forth and return only when your Imramma, your soul journey, is complete’.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Power Statement:

I serve with love and joy.


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  1. Several times on our recent sojourns, I was reminded from other sources of the healing power of the ocean. There is nothing quite like the actions of the ocean to quiet the brain, and derail the path of nothingness competitions and the race to nowhere…

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