Today’s message is simple.  It arrived quickly, and with no fanfare, no celebration.  It is a direct, and to-the-point sort of reminder.

             We know how the balance of the Universe works.  Dark – light, night – day, hot – cold, sun – moon, sad – happy.  (Although, all are subjective, there truly is now “bad” or “good” in genuine authenticity.)

             It’s more about Truth.  Those parts which all come together for making up of the whole.

Open and Clear

             When we are honest, open, available to learn and perceive and accept, we are better prepared for our lessons.  And our gifts, too.

             As we know very well, this journey is nothing if not lesson-focused.  So, to venture along in any way which is not authentic, clear, is to be dishonest on a most profound and personal level.

             Prominently displayed on our card altar right now, this resounding validation is just as direct and to the point.

hidden treasure

“Goddess Of The Shadows  ~

‘what you perceive to be your dark side holds hidden treasure.’

Realise that any perception or belief that you have about yourself or others is actually a deception more than it is a perception.

What you perceive to be your dark side or shadow self holds a hidden treasure.  As humans, we rarely see the full picture in any situation because we are forever stuck in the illusion of good and bad.

You judge your positive and negative qualities and strive to be more of what you perceive to be positive while attempting to disown or neglect those aspects which you consider to be negative.

By holding this belief, you fail to realise that all serves a purpose and that all benefits you in some way.

Everything in our world is made up of positive and negative charges, which together make a whole.  You have been guided to choose this card by your soul, because you are ready to move to the next level of conscious awareness.  

Over the coming months you will find yourself questioning many of your long-held beliefs and you will realise that many of them are simply illusions that only serve to keep you feeling small, inadequate, or restricted.

This card heralds the start of a wondrous and empowering period in your life which brings to the surface many beautiful experiences and opportunities which, in the past, you never thought possible.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s View Of Rosemary:

is this shot from yesterday.  As we all stopped for a snack.

Sitting in a chair, like people.

             And yes, she is wearing a delightful, island print, tank dress.   (It’s really a shirt I found for ninetynine cents in the baby section of a second-hand store.)

             But why is she in clothes, you may ask?  Because it looks nice, her harness fits better, it helps her feel secure (this is an actual fact, there is science behind it and everything), and ……… I can; nearly all the animals in our care have had their own wardrobes.

             (She now owns TWO garments, we’ve had her 8 days, that’s a hell of a lot of restraint, for me.)


6 thoughts on “With All Honesty

    1. Not much to tell. She was a lost and found homeless girl, picked up wandering in traffic at a very busy intersection, with no tags. Family members worked and worked trying to find her people, no luck. She’s probably two years old (mixed info re: chip, possibly sketchy background/store/breeder). Next week she see’s a vet and we’ll know (a little bit) more. Anything else at this point is speculation.

      Fact: she’s probably mostly Pomeranian.
      Fact: she is super polite, and didn’t actually know how to behave on a sidewalk with leash and harness.
      Fact: we’ll be getting her fixed (if she isn’t already) and licensed soon.
      Fact: she weighs around 5 to 7 pounds.
      Fact: she and Dan are headed happily into retirement this winter.

      We got her because he wanted to. She was there, he was ready for a new dog. She needed a forever home. He thought ours would be the right one.

      (Hanna waged a high pressure campaign to get me to agree. I’m blaming her entirely. 😛 )

      He calls her his pocket police K9. She is VERY alert and intelligent.

      1. Go Hanna! 😀 Miss Rosemary has a ‘good’ face. I will be -very- surprised if she doesn’t turn out to be a heartwarmer.

        And, OH! People suck, you know? *shakes head* But I shouldn’t complain toooo loudly, since some of the best pets I’ve ever had were other peoples’ stupidity.

  1. I am active on a couple of forums for Norwegian Elkhounds (Mary’s favorite breed) and the use of the owner’s t-shirt or a special made “thunder shirt” are the best ways to calm dogs that hate thunder or fireworks (poor Hunter HATES fireworks). No island floral, however…tiedye, yes.

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