As most (if not all) of you know, I’m a huge proponent of the reduce-reuse-recycle movement.  It’s not that I am anti-consumerism . . . okay wait.  Turns out, I actually am.

             If it can be saved, repurposed, or similarly NOT trashed-and-replaced, then that’s the best option.  Basically, always (in my opinion).  Less in the landfill, less harm to the planet.

             With that in mind, our message today is personal, as well as far-reaching and all-round meaningful.



             It’s a cyclical aspect of us all.  The birth-death-reborn feature of this Universe.  How nothing truly dies.  Just as nothing truly disappears when we toss it into the garbage can.

             Remember that my favorite motto, Love Your Mother (Earth) is as much about being respectful for ourselves as it is about where we live, and the very life of our planet. In today’s draw, that’s precisely how this all comes together.

oceanic spells and rituals

“Time and Tide  ~  18  ~


Oceanic spells and rituals

The Mermaids Sing:

In our world, and in yours of old, the rituals would be observed and the festivals kept, because that way the mother would breathe in and out more easily – and we would breathe with her, in the way of the cycles of the soul, planet, galaxy.  We make offerings to the Sea Mother, being sure to clean and care for her liminal zones – the places where you have so often walked.

Have you not see the dolphins moving through the shoreline, appearing to chase the fish?  They are hunting, it is true, but they are also moving along the coastline, cleansing toxic pockets of energy.

We often attempt to detangle the creatures from the sea nets, and those too are rituals and spells.  And you humans wonder what sacred acts you can do – you can sing and dance beneath the moon, on the shore, in the forest, by the lake.

But you can also do the most sacred thing of all – a magical action at low tide: before gathering any magical tools along the shore, you must be sure you have made an offering to the sea.  We do not take, before we give.

The sea provides us all with life on this planet – just as the green and brown rich loamy earth.  Let us thank her before collecting her driftwood, her seashells, or casting our line for fish.”

Today’s Sharing / Today’s Deck:

 is something I ran across in our travels.  We went to retrieve Rosemary and visit with family while Daniel was on vacation.  These cards are something that (also) needed to come home with us.

Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish


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  1. Cool! A new deck, a new dog (and what is, if not the most perfect “re-use” is a rescue dog) and a great greeting of dolphins.

    1. I can’t wait to spend more time with those mermaids…. and share them here, of course.

      And yeah, Little Miss spent some time with Mr Maxx the other night, ya know, hoping to see a meteor shower.

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