This message arrived in bits and pieces.  (Which makes sense, since my entire week will be chopped up in a similar, chaotic way….. including  a surprise  for you on Saturday.)

             This one, this specific Universal communication, it has many dimensions and levels and definitions.  Some will apply to all of us, some will apply to few of us.  Believe me though, they will apply, somewhere.

Dreaming Life

             Right before I was born, my maternal grandmother (she of the Hawaiian and beach connection) dreamed of me.  She had recently been reading about the Aboriginal Tribes of Australia and learned that in their belief system The DreamLand was  reality, but this journey was “just a dream.”

             She and I were very close, and her death (when I was not quite 18) started a downhill domino effect on my psyche that I’m still dealing with.  But, because of her faith and confidence in me, (even before I got here and long after she was physically gone) I’ve returned again and again to her teachings and guidance.

             Up to and including, the knowledge that our Dream Life is valuable.  And, that we can HAVE a dream life.

             This truth is not only important in a metaphysical and spiritual sense, it’s so very important to our bodies, as well.  Sleep!  The universal healer.  “To sleep, perchance to dream…..”

             We need it, we generally don’t get enough of it, we become sick and die without it.  And yet, so many of us cheat ourselves of that magical resting and rejuvenating time.  Cutting it short or disregarding its importance.

             Once we recognize how much we need dreaming in our waking lives, we can begin to utilize its wonderful assets.  To our benefit, and for the benefit of our loved ones.

             Encouragingly, the draw on our card altar right now suggests an excellent way to get in touch with that very suggestion.

inner child

“Intuition  ~  42  ~  Inner Child

Instinct, Invention, Trust, Impulses

The door to your Inner Child is opening, and s/he walks through, bringing you the gift of intuition.

You may not be entirely comfortable with this newfound source of insight and may not know exactly what to do with it; however, don’t toss it aside or try to analyze it to death.

Instead, accept this gift and play with it.  Apply your intuition to nonthreatening situations and learn how it works.  

Don’t try to control it because you can’t.  It’s exciting and powerful and is to be respected and followed, not tamed.

Trust your Inner Child’s willingness to share its magic so that you may benefit.  The message for you is, “trust me”.’

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Affirmation:

I find Joy in everything I do

and everywhere I go.


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  1. 😀 And we certainly know where and how this applies to me… Though I will say, having to play chauffeur has helped considerably with resetting (sort of) my clock. I will always be a night owl, but it is getting easier to be up and about in actual morning hours. Perhaps one day I will once again enjoy being up as the sun comes up.

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