There are Universal Laws and all-encompassing truths, within which we all live.  What we don’t always realize though, is how simple we are able to pare our sacred selves down to.  While still maintaining that truthful reality.

             As people, sharing space here, we have far more commonalities than we do differences.  But only when viewed with that aspect of removing the dishonest, falsely created complications can we see it, can we see others and their similarities.

             All of us, our soul journey, our life experience is ……….

a mixed bag.

             There must be a balance.  Very often we feel wrong-footed, and begin to topple.  Losing our center, losing our balance.

             If we were to look at the Mixed Bag we’ve gathered, peering inside to see all the treasures and trash, we could sort out the reasons for our imbalance.  Tossing out* what we no longer need.

*Composting or recycling, never into the landfill!

             What I saw with this message was not, as we might expect, a set of scales, or an actual bag.  No, I was shown a stylized version of the human form.  With the arms and legs and middle and neck and head holding groups of items.

             The “bag” is us.  We are the containers.  We hold the mixed-up lessons and gifts.  We are the scales.

             Our gathered contents have to be balanced, to keep us balanced and on track.  When we feel overwhelmed or loaded down, it’s because our Mixed Bag has become too stuffed full of that which we no longer need to carry.

             Time to unpack.  Time to let go.  Time to make a trip to the recycle center and pass those items on to their next loving home.

             As we look to our card altar right now, this reminder is validated by showing where else we can utilize balance.

light beings

“Goddess of Beauty  ~

‘You are a wondrous being of light;

there is nothing to change or fix.’

You are a wondrously beautiful being of light, yet you cannot see it because you are comparing yourself to others instead of looking honestly and lovingly at yourself.

Meditate upon the image of this card and allow your light and natural beauty to shine through.  You are beautiful just as you are.  There is nothing to change or fix; just love and accept yourself as you are.

As you honour the beautiful person that you are, others will feel the light and warmth radiating from you.

As a result, you will attract wonderful and generous people into your life that will love and appreciate you for all you truly are.

Just be yourself – that is where your beauty lies!”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from tonight’s Instagram.

A pair of pairs.
A pair of pairs.

             Gifts from Nature, and discovering a CLEARANCE sale on sandals.  Yep, that’s what makes for a great day.


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  1. 😀 Another timely message as we try to fit my daughter (and all her shhtuff) back into our home! Good grief, I have just so much STUFF! (I don’t like cleaning and getting rid of things….)

  2. Do you have Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips? If you haven’t read it, you would love it. I am going to Memphis tomorrow night to have her book signing. I am taking my hardback to be signed. I will be required to buy a paperback to get a line ticket for her signing. If you don’t own a copy – I could have her sign the paperback for you. Send me an email.

    1. Gah, you silly girl! I was going to say “have the new one signed for you and toss me your old copy,” but I wasn’t quick enough.

      E-mailing now. 😀

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