Right now, where I live, it’s hot.  Generally speaking (in the past few years mostly, thanks to counseling and therapy), I’m okay with the weather.  I try not to complain too much.  It’s weather.  There are seasons.

             However, this much hot?  I”m not doing well.  It goes past discomfort for me, into pain.  And, I’m nothing if not all about comfort/lack of pain.

             I’m also very intention-focused.  Our lessons are the steps we take to keep our journey moving along.  This particular lesson though, it’s a massively challenging one.  One which I don’t always feel I’m making any progress with.

             Our message today is aimed at that very idea.  Are we doing well?  Or are we struggling?  How do we see the truth in that answer?

Value and Worth

             We want to believe our Team and our inner knowledge, but sometimes we aren’t sure who is saying what.  Or why.  And if we can’t tell that, how do we know what’s important?

             The Universe would like to remind us of our own value.  Our own worth.  We matter, we are important.   And what we think is uncomfortable, is probably damned uncomfortable.

             Should I accept this?  Or should I move past it?  Should I take steps to improve my situation, or wait it out?

             One thing I know for certain, each of us has purpose, meaning, and significance.  Synchronistically enough, that’s also exactly what our drawn card says, too.

value and worth

“Magnificence  ~

Own your magnificence.

The world needs your brilliance and grace.”

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Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson

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is THIS post.  Very timely.  And ya know, earth-friendly!


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