Recently I came across a comedian joking about how no one has really found the meaning of life yet.  Not only was this remark not funny, but it was blatantly untrue.

             We absolutely know the meaning of why we’re living these lives.  We’re here to learn and grow, helping others do the same.  We’ve chosen a body and a family and a location which will benefit us the most.

             Periodically we do question our choices, and the very sanity of our decision-making skills.  But that’s only when we’re overwhelmed or distressed.

             During our lucid and more spiritual times, we know what’s what and we remember why we’re going through this shit.  (Because it matters, WE matter!)

             Here’s part of the lesson, a tough and often difficult part, but a needful part all the same.

Mindful Physicality

             Sure, we can talk about our journey and our enlightenment, but then, crash.  We get a loud painful reminder that we’re VERY much wearing a body.  A heavy, flawed, not-always-well-behaved physical shell.

             To get back to that place of grace and serenity is to set aside our preoccupation with our outer cover, and instead, appreciate all that it does for us.

             Remember, we chose to be here.  We chose to be born and to be real.  Not to be perfect.

             The meaning of life is that we are here.  Simply and entirely, present and with kind intentions.

             Another aspect of this theme is what our card altar is showing.  This one arrived upside down, but I photographed it direct so we could all enjoy the artwork and depth of imagery.

reversed cards
Four of Pentacles

             Generally speaking, when this comes up in a reading I have interpreted it to mean “it takes money to make money” or something of a similar definition.

             Not today.  Right now this character is telling us a different story.  A tale of closed fists versus open hands.

             When we remain tightly bound, whether by our own guilt or fear, we cheat ourselves of so much joy.  When we stay locked up, as this individual is, inside a box of our own making, we miss out.

             The good news is, we have begun to hear the sounds of celebration going on beyond our walls; we can see the banners and are now entirely aware of the festivities, the party of Life that we don’t want to be left out of.

             All that still needs doing is to shrug off our heavy grey cloak of worry and step into the positive parts of our adventure.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from Instagram.

organic fruit antique apron
On the way to being something delicious.
( I hope.)

             We don’t have tons of space for food growing, and that’s probably okay.  What we harvest (and purchase) is a reasonable amount, enough for me to manage.  Me and my antique apron.


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  1. Mmmmm, blueberries. They went on sale here and I bought a bunch and froze them. Blueberries in the winter! I hope your dish was yummmmmmmy and satisfying!

  2. I was gifted a basket of blueberries yesterday upon our return home from a long vacation, first on motorcycles then with family at the lake. Not my favorite in baked goods, but I love them fresh! They are whats for breakfast!

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