Have we been hearing enough regarding change lately?  And what about the accelerated rate of all this transitioning?  Clearly it’s everywhere.

             Including here.  For me.  Which equates to change for all of you.  At least, with respect to this particular location.

             Difficult, I know.  (Believe me, I KNOW!)  But no one will die from it, I promise.  Plus, it might be exactly what we all need at this time.

             Below (in my usual Sharing place) you’ll find an announcement.  For now, let’s look at our message.

Progress and Realignment

             Every change is a good one, for the most part. We just don’t always know HOW.  Or WHY.  But generally, it’s a positive move as we cycle along, doing better and learning more.

             Our job here is like going off to school.  Classes can be fun, and they can be challenging.  But they’re always still school.  Home is home and school is school.  It’s our job to learn as much as possible, then…. we can go Home.

             Part of learning is figuring out what matters.  Where we spend our time and where we put our energy.  Those topics evolve as we grow and gain knowledge.  It’s the natural progression of life.

             It’s about advancement and understanding.  Just as this perfect example on our card altar right now shows.  We can only get better if we do the work.

Master of our Craft
3 of Pentacles
Master of our Craft

             This is focused on our skills and our abilities.  The art and the sweat.  That which we can create with our hands, our minds, and our individual vision.

             We can glory in doing the most perfect job.  We can be humble in sharing our meager gifts.  We can teach others as we have been taught.

             As a Pentacle draw, the meaning is physical.  What are we capable of, in this body?  And the Three reminds us of our (sometimes) precarious foundations.  While at the same time symbolizing how sacred we are by simply being ourselves.

             The key here is to do our best.  And never, oh no, never compare ours to theirs.  Yours is yours and mine is mine.  And each are valuable, worthwhile, and holy.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Business News:

is to say that, after MUCH worrying (and plenty of crying), stressing, questioning, wailing & whining, ruminating, thinking, pondering, and finally meditating, I’ve realized that a daily offering is no longer possible.

             Since that first post, way back in December, 2007, I’ve done all I can to make this an honest place.  When there was a Post A Day challenge on January first of 2011, I joined in.  And never stopped.

             Every day.  For almost four full years.  Without a break.  (Not all were winners, and not all were joyful.  But I got them all up.)

             Beginning this week, our messages will appear on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  They’ll go up the very second that day ticks into place.  For how long?  No clue.  Will daily posts return?  No clue.  Will the format change?  Again, not really up to me.

             One thing I am entirely sure of though, I will certainly continue to be a presence on-line, in all the usual places, as well as here twice a week.

             There’s Pinterest, and Instagram.  Twitter and Tumblr, as well as Facebook and Etsy.  If you aren’t getting anything in your mailbox, be sure to visit the (yes, still!) second HOME tab, scroll down (way down), there’s a box to click on (it says “yes, I want this“).

             I’ll be back here.  On Tuesday.  Thank you, for supporting me in this (DIFFICULT AS FUCKING HELL) decision, and everything else.


6 thoughts on “See you on Tuesday

  1. Thank you for posting every day for almost 4 years! That is pretty fucking amazing! I will miss your daily posts, but it is totally understandable that you couldn’t keep doing that forever! Love you & wishing you a smooth transition.

    P.S. Did you see that Henry’s back on YouTube? Now his channel is Star Fire Tarot.

  2. Oh, I am soooo going to miss coming here every day. I really am. But at the same time, I understand. After I started my blog and realized the time sink, I was amazed at all the daily bloggers. It really takes commitment and TIME! I hope that whatever prompted this change is good stuff for you and not a mess in your life. {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Echoing the sentiments already stated, I, too, will miss the daily dose of message and tarot. Thank you for having been a daily check-in point, and thank you for continuing to broadcast the messages, even on a reduced schedule.

    Nothing like the Universe bludgeoning you with messages, is there… And as always, I love your working deck!

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