Every place I’ve been this week, physically as well as virtually, the talk is all career and change focused.  What I’m hearing, sharing, channeling, is no different here.

             The daily draw and message are circling around doing what we love.  And loving what we are actively in the process of doing, while patiently observing what’s coming next.

Still Transitioning

             As we move along, learning and growing, we seem to be honing our craft of adaptation.  The feelings are authentic, we do have emotional attachments, even when we know it’s best to release.

             We try to be flexible, because we know rigidity gets us nowhere.  To be honest in our journey we must be honest with our day-to-day self as well.

             Taking a quick moment right now, reflecting, seeing with our soul-eyes, will make this next (later) phase smoother.  To flow freely, we also have to wait patiently.

             Adopting this truthful and gentle approach, this soft no-rush attitude will also, as we see on our card altar, help us in work and play.


“Business  ~  52  ~  Venus

Money, Profits, Bargaining, Negotiating

The abundantly prosperous and infinitely loving Divine goddess Venus delights in guiding you in your business and money-making matters.

As the goddess of love and relationships, she affirms that at the heart of all success in business, you will find good relationships between people who trust one another.  She points you to new levels of mastery in applying love in order to create the most advantageous business partnership possible.

She wants to move you past any resistance to her garden of earthly abundance and learn the art of creating prosperity and success.  With her assistance, you’ll find that you genuinely love what you’re doing professionally and have a new appreciation for those you work with.

This win/win approach to business will empower your efforts, and soon you will find yourself in a state of grace when it comes to succeeding on the material plane. 

With Venus as your Divine mentor, you will be guided to the right place at the right time and blessed with the right ideas to create a successful outcome for all.

Let your heart be as generous as possible in your work, and approach it as an art whose creations you delight in.  Guard against becoming greedy or drunk with materialism.

Venus’s message for you:

‘Business is an art, which you can master if you work from the heart and work with love’.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Affirmation:

I am patiently awaiting a positive happy outcome.