Today’s message is going to challenge us.  We are being advised to put on our work gloves and boots, gather up what tools we have, and just get started.  This one’s gonna take some labor.

             Every one of us has experienced times of huge and painful frustration or unhappiness.  Moments (or even years) of difficulty, seemingly with no end in sight can put anybody on edge.

             “But,” we think, “it’s a part of life,” then we complain.  This morning I woke up with another way to look at the entire condition.

See the Purpose.

             The Universe would like us to stop a sec, and just examine what is going on.  Ask ourselves if we can see any reason behind this circumstance.  Can we find a lesson in here?

             What are we NOT paying attention to?  Because the truth is, every experience DOES have a reason.  And now, it’s up to us to see if we are able to find it.

             If we can simply step aside, for one brief but deeply searching amount of time, we can look with our soul-eyes, and maybe, just maybe, we can witness something meaningful.  Instead of falling apart and calling the entire deal a shit storm that we didn’t “deserve” – might we possibly cast our gaze quickly upon something more empowering?

             We need only ask ourselves why we charted this, and what good will come of it.  No more is required.

             The great part?  If it all feels like too much, we can ignore it.  We can continue with the way we’ve been going, and hope for better results.  Free will, that’s the key.

             As we return to our regular rotation around the card altar, I need to bring your attention to what number this daily draw turned up.  When we see a penny (sometimes even a dime), or continue to be made aware of ones in any way, it’s the sign of new beginnings.

             Could this be a promising new start for us?  Depends on how much work we are willing to put in to it.

high lady

“The High Lady of Love and Compassion  ~  1  ~

reverence, kindness, consideration

When the High Lady of Love and Compassion chooses to be your Ally, she brings you a deep and meaningful message: she reminds you that only Love is real.

It is the sole unconditional and true power behind all means of manifesting out of the unseen into the material.

Love’s greatest creative power is ignited by the conscious action of compassion.  Generosity of the heart, reverence, respect, and empathy for all living things bring you profound power to live a life of happiness and contentment.

Love, compassion, and kindness to all must be the impulse behind your thoughts, feelings, and actions when your intention is to create a prosperous and abundant life.  Unconditional Love will be returned tenfold.

The High Lady also reminds you that when she chooses to be your Ally, she brings you evidence that you are loved.  All manner of synchronicity align in your favor.

If you have a question referring to a relationship, you’re required to think of the other person and inquire what is in his or her highest good.  Give selflessly without asking for or expecting anything in return, and let go.

What is yours will come to you.  Kindness always returns somehow.  You will surely receive that which you give . . . .

in more ways than you can imagine.”       

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

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is to say that I’ve struck the jackpot, entertainment-wise.  A new show appeared out of nowhere, and it was first a book!  Go HERE to see the details, and HERE to see the woman responsible.




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