As I sit typing this, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, knowing that in a few hours I’ll be with my parents and in-town kids, it truly begins to feel celebratory.  And that’s perfect.

             Today is a lovely combination of two holidays.  In praise of our dads (or dad-like figures) and the acknowledgement of where we are on the calendar.  Yep, festive indeed.

             It’s great that they fall on the same day this year, they represent many of the same ideas and ARE represented by much of the same iconography.

             All the way back to the Egyptians, the Celts, our own native peoples, that glowingly hot disc in the sky was our Father.  He was solid and dependable.  He got up every morning and did his job.

             We honour him now, as we honour and appreciate this season of heat, food, and daylight.  From our Special Occasion stack, is this hearty and appropriate messenger.


“Red Kangaroo  ~  28  ~  Responsibility

The Red Kangaroo is unique in its ability to maintain three young at once: one on foot, one in the pouch, with a third developing in the womb.  As the one at foot is weaned, the one in the pouch exits, making way for the partly formed sibling which instinctively climbs into the pouch directly after birth.  With the womb now devoid of life, the female will mate immediately, thus replacing the foetus.

When environmental conditions are fertile and rain is abundant, the feed is lush and plentiful and the weather is benevolent, Red Kangaroos live a productive existence.  If the conditions deteriorate however, bringing drought, fire, or flood, the female Red Kangaroo will relinquish the infant in her pouch and put the foetus in the womb into a state of suspended animation.  

That infant remains nourished and is continually fed by the mother, but it does not develop physically.  She can sustain the foetus in this way for quite some time, waiting for the conditions of the land to improve so that the Joey can be born into a time of plenty.  By surrendering the existence of one Joey and by putting the other two into a state of hold, she takes responsibility for her own survival and that of her family.

If Red Kangaroo has leapt into your cards today, you may be feeling as though you have sacrificed a large part of yourself for the benefit of your family.  Maybe the time has come to reclaim these aspects instead of harbouring resentment and jealousy.

Are you living in a constant state of stress, for example, barely surviving from one day to the next?  If so, do you see this as taking sound responsibility?

If you are a parent, remember that everything you do inherently instills itself in the consciousness of your children as acceptable behaviour.  Ask yourself if you are taking your responsibility as parent, partner, or principal person seriously.

Are you honouring the pledge of responsibility you made to yourself growing up, or would you say that you were in an emotional drought or dormancy at the moment?  If this is the case, it may be time to reanimate some element of yourself, so that you can begin taking responsibility for your life and that of your children in a more productive, abundant manner.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

My Wish For You:

is that you see the value in Self-Care and that you and your loved ones had/will have a bright, peaceful, and caring day.


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  1. A festive day indeed! And what a card that is…would that humans were that evolved. I hope that you celebrated family and Solstice in the best ways possible, and that there was frosting involved.

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