What do we do when we are overwhelmed?  When we are feeling terrible but think we have no control?  Where do we turn?

             This morning I was shown a series of events, none of them could be described as good or enjoyable.  All were viewed from a different perspective, all challenging and uncomfortable.

             But ya know what?  I also was able to tolerate the emotions.  And that’s our message.

Simple and Clear

             We can get through it.  We are capable and healthy.  We do know how to survive (and even thrive).  Our strength is evident.

             Not only do we have an inner power of our very own, as we saw yesterday we also have support.  We need never go through difficulties alone.

             The trick is to bring our situation down to its most simple and solvable components.  (The Deputy and I went through this exact process earlier today, as we chatted in the office of **A** [my beloved mental health professional].  Talk about a problem-solver!)

             The Universe is saying the same thing.  What is the issue, in the most clear terms possible?  Then, what is a way to solve it?

             Ask around.  Get second opinions.  Think it through.  Examine it.  View all sides and angles.  Let it go.

             Our daily draw reminds us that when we feel like the journey is too much work, when we are struggling with particular problems, we can always turn to our loved ones for help.  (Even if they might be the ones we think need assistance.)


“Angel Of Families  ~

‘The Angels surround both you and your family at the moment.’

Do not worry about your loved ones for all will work out.  The angels surround you and your family at this time.  

Feel their love and light and know that both you and your loved ones are forever held in the eternal embrace of love.  Surrender your fears and any concerns you may have for your family, friends, an individual family member, or a loved one to the angels and know that the situation is being healed and transformed right now.

Gently close your eyes.  Feel and visualize those you love being bathed in light and love.  Imagine beams of love emanating from your heart and mind, infusing and surrounding each family member and loved one with beautiful healing energy.

In turn, feel the light and love they emanate to you in return and thank the angels for their assistance.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Recommendation:

is something to make that angel meditation easier.  And it won’t cost a dime. (Well, it might cost 99 pennies, but possibly not.)

             You’ve heard me harp on and on about the benefits of guided meditation, so I won’t go there.  But I do want to mention another option.  Phone apps!

             But wait, what if you don’t have a fancy-pants wee cellular device?  Well, do you have a computer?  Or an MP3?  Or a tablet?  These programs can be downloaded on any and all machines.

             The ones I’ve found are mostly free.  But there are some with a one-time cost, usually less than a dollar.   Some come with timers, so you can listen to falling water, singing bowls, ocean waves, soothing gongs, and/or wind chimes without concern for being late, or over-resting.

             Practice some self-care, carve out 3 quick minutes.  Sit calm and still, nourish yourself with nature.  Either really outside or indoors with some electronic help.  You’re worth it.


2 thoughts on “Relief and Calm

  1. Those MHP’s are problem solvers, aren’t they. I was invited to one of Dr. Denial’s sessions once, (to be a safe cop, in uniform, for a client who had some PTSD issues) and got to watch her work. All I can say is “wow”. And *A* is good at what she does….

    Another chime in for Guided Imagery. Unbelievably helpful in addressing a variety of situations (chronic pain, PTSD, anger, weight loss, healthful sleep, stress resilience, cancer, chemo, radiation.) I have found them very helpful.

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