Today’s message has a particular and distinct focus.  I knew it the second I was awake.  It comes directly (and this is a first) from our Teams.  Yours and mine.

             It is actually quite common for the guides, angels, teachers, and loved ones of one person to get together with the Team of another.  They are super social.  (Even if some of us aren’t.)

             I heard from them as a group.  And they were broadcasting like the most clear radio signal you have ever experienced.

Playing Well With Others

             We are fully supported in our life purpose, they reminded me.  And we never do anything alone.  Even if we think we might be lonely, that’s an ego construct, and we can fix it.  Immediately.

             Our Team’s job is not only to guide and nudge us along (while keeping us company), but also to adjust us when we wander off-track.  (Unless of course, “off-track” is precisely where we need to be.)

             They bring us clarity.  Working with them, and even better – combining them with the Team of someone else, we can get a much more useful picture of where we’re going and how to get there.

             So, what they want us to remember right now is this, get along.  Play well.  Connect.  And have fun, as if it’s all a great big party.  Because ya know, it kind of is.

             As I stood in front of our card altar, waiting to hear anything further, I was directed to leave the regular rotation.  This draw appeared upside-down.  As it was supposed to.

             (It felt that the Direct view would be best for us to look at though, so that’s what we’re seeing.  Even if we’re “hearing” about the other description.)


“Solitude  ~  13  ~

‘I am comfortable in my own skin,

as I replenish my soul.”


Too much solitude results in isolation and separation.  Now is the moment to get together with friends and join in the merriment!

Hiding out will lead to negative thinking and feeling alone.  Separation at this time isn’t a healthy choice.

Are you in a situation in which you feel lonely?  You need to share this, not keep it to yourself.  By joining in with others, you will hear what you need to know, because the Spirit World finds ways to speak through them without their even realizing it.

You have the key to let yourself out of this prison.  

You are loved . . . . and never alone.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Musical Sharing:

is THIS collection which I recently requested (and then picked up) at my local library.  Sample a few of those cuts, they’re inspirational for any type of work.

             (While researching that CD, I ended up finding this video.)