Today I woke up with a big, huge, loud message screaming in my head.  (Some mornings are like that for me.)

             Sadly, it didn’t feel like turning into complete sentences.  So, we’re going with the list-type.  (No judging or questioning, we’re all just here to learn and share; none are better than any other.)

  • Participation
  • Living With Intention
  • Being Present
  • Taking Part
  • Mindfulness
  • Real Feelings
  • Truthfulness and Honesty

             Which seems to be a fairly clear reminder.  When we skate along, on auto-pilot, not being present, we tend to miss a lot.  I think that’s the point right now.

             The more we participate, the more there is to participate in.

             Rotating around our card altar, a beautiful draw has appeared.  At exactly the correct time.  And with exactly the right validation.


“Tiger  ~

‘Passion and adventure beckon.’

Secure within her own sensuous, controlled power, Tiger stalks silently, invisibly, through the magic of the night, securing what her heart desires.  

Swimming languidly through ancient lakes she conjoins with the water’s adaptability, mystical energies, and intuitions.

As a messenger, Tiger brings you fresh adventures to change your path, new passions to awaken your heart, and endows you with her powers.

Take what she offers and you can transform your life.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Personal Request:

is to ask for some help.  You guys did such an incredible job when I begged for book recommendations that I thought I’d extend it to movies/TV series.

             We are mourning the loss of video stores with a deep and traumatic hurt.  Netflix is not a replacement, nor is the library.  I don’t know what we’re looking for, and I can’t fondle any boxes.

             What have you seen lately that you felt was worth sharing?  I don’t care for “poignant” stories, nor dramatic upheaval.  If it’s something about pain or suffering or a kid dies or the boat sinks or children lose their parents, let’s pass.

             Most big-name film actors, I don’t find funny (the one I loved, died).  Anything sort of dark and morbid (Coen brothers-ish), but with a happy ending, I’m in.  Also, if it’s an “oldy but a goody” then I probably haven’t seen it and don’t need to.  (Although I do adore things set in other time periods, just not in made-up, future/fantasy time periods.)

             I enjoy, but have trouble finding: happy nature documentaries (nothing about the dying planet or lost habitats), educational (not competitive) cooking shows, home-improvement (but not the type where all they do is destroy antiques and smash shit up), fun and good-natured programs.

             Confused yet?  Yeah, so is everyone else.  I am über picky.  But, I’m also bordering on desperate.  Toss out some ideas, and I’ll be eternally grateful.

             (Examples of what I like: Alaska State Troopers, Arrested Development, ChoppedFargo [the move, not the show], Burn After Reading, the Robert Downey Jr/Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes; anything with Jackie Chan, Jason Bateman, Sandra Bullock, Nathan Lane, Melissa McCarthy.)


6 thoughts on “Involved

  1. If you like nature, PBS has a bunch of stuff on line. Well, shit. My son just got up – that officially means I’m running late. Yep. 10 minute warning. Bye!

  2. Two of my favorite comedy films are Jumping Jack Flash, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Not new films (especially Jack), but I relish re-watching them.

  3. “Swimming languidly… she conjoined with the waters adaptability, mystical energies, and intuitions.” LOVE IT!

    Bubble Boy–hilariously cute and silly farce on the coming of age theme, with a soooo young Jake gyllenhal.

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