Whatever we’re working on?  It’s getting extremely close to being done.  Completion is on our horizon.

             Having confidence and courage in our own creations and achievements is key right now.  We have to know that this is a joyful process/situation.

             What I was shown this morning focuses on…….

more action.

             First of all, we must be reassured that we have WAY more support in this venture than we could ever imagine.  What today’s message is talking about has loads to the with our own inner strength, but also how we are not alone in this endeavour.

             We can get shit done!  Even if it sometimes seems as though we aren’t making any progress.  We can.  And we will.

             Moving forward, being active in this sense, doesn’t mean jumping around like we’re on fire constantly.  Sure, movement is probably involved, but it might also be more about the deed, plan, or non-physical involvement.

             Remember, the choices often times can be mental or spiritual.  Nature is never still, but we don’t SEE the plants growing or the sun moving.

             On our card altar though, we’re being congratulated on this excellent achievement.  And that’s never bad.

divine helpers

“Victory  ~  15  ~  Divine Helpers

Triumph, Leadership, Success, Accomplishment

Your Divine Helpers are present, bearing good news that whatever you’ve been working on will succeed.  The bad news . . . . well, there really isn’t any bad news, but there is reality, which in your case suggests that you can fully enjoy your success only if you recognize that you didn’t get where you are by yourself.

This isn’t to say that you must diminish your light or be falsely modest in your achievements – not by a long shot!  You deserve to shine, so please do.

Your Divine Helpers simply remind you to be grateful, and acknowledge the contributions of those who have helped you get where you are.  This includes your spirit helpers and guides as well.

One final word:

with success comes the challenge of standing alone in your light.  Of course you’ve heard of the saying ‘it’s lonely at the top.  But it doesn’t have to be if you remember how you got there.  

Your Divine Helpers’ message is to ‘share the spotlight’.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette


My project is a huge success.

I am now ready and confident to present my ideas to the world.