To receive our blessings, miracles, and lessons, we all know that it takes a truly open heart (and mind).  Plus a bit of self-inspired work.

             Which is exactly what our messages have been about lately.  Practicing with the tools we’ve been given (or, have been suggested to use).  As well as simply being in an observational phase, poised and ready to participate in our own journey, our own growth.

             Earlier I was made aware of the knowledge that it’s now time for us to act.

Using Skills

             To be on this path, in a self-aware way, is to travel . . . .  or not.  Often, it’s a rest that suits us the best.  Now though, it has come time to get moving.

             We’ve gathered our information, collected the necessary equipment, so let’s go.  But keep in mind, one of the items we are armed with is the skill of letting go, releasing when necessary.

             The confirmation on our card altar is welcome news of this.  Don’t forget, J.C. is a friend to everyone.  He never turned away a person who was in need, no matter their belief, or non-believing status.

             Like the angels, he looks beyond the physical and the artificial restrictions of word and title.  To accept this gift is to honour ourselves in the most basic lovingkindness way.


“Miracle  ~  Christ

Christ is with you and is engendering a miracle for you and the situation you’re asking about.  He shines (Mr and Mrs) God’s light upon you and your loved ones.

You have asked for a miracle, and one is with you.  Let go of how you think it should appear, as it comes directly from the infinite wisdom of the Universe, through Christ, and into your life.

Jesus is lending you his supreme belief of Divine power in order to help you stay filled with trust and hope.  He reminds you that with faith, all things are possible, and that you (like everyone) deserve Heaven’s help, love, and attention.

You don’t need to be a perfect person (or even Christian) to enlist Christ’s support.

Be open to receiving help in a miraculous and ingenious way.  Know that you deserve this gift.  After all, this miracle not only helps you, but it inspires faith and hope in others.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Power Statement:

I remember how valuable and strong I am,

I remember how to accept and be open to all of Life’s blessings,

I remember my own power and peace,

I remember how to receive as well as to give.


11 thoughts on “Making Good Use Of

  1. One of my favorite sayings is “Jesus, save me from your followers”. I have been listening to more sermons than usual (comes with playing in a church handbell choir) from two pastors who really preach from the New Testament of love. The church (First Christian Church) is an “Open and Affirming” congregation that does an amazing amount of work with the unhoused. I can hear the message, and am unlikely to be converted, since my belief structure is completely different; they know that and welcome me anyway.

    It has caused me to think, a lot, about religion and the mission to convert people. Seems very strange to me, but then most of the concepts of organized religion seem strange.

    1. “Jesus, save me from your followers” LOVE IT!!! Just remember – “Organized Religion / The Church” is a totally man made construct. I think that pretty much says it all.

  2. RELEASE! RELEASE! RELEASE! My daughter’s manager wants her to stay on for a couple more weeks, please, please, please, ’cause someone just quit and if Saver left they’re down two people at once. The people at the house where she lives are fine with her staying on ’cause one of the other two slated to move in won’t be coming till July. At lease I found out before I signed for the moving truck, right? 😀

  3. So… WOW! I accidentally called in Jesus to have a conversation with me yesterday, after I’d been talking to Archangel Chamuel, and was thinking about the info I’d received from him/her. The thought to which he responded was “Jesus fucking Christ,” (a common phrase of frustration for me), and then I “heard” in my head “Hello, child.” I was just like “hi, sorry for taking your name in vain, there,” and he said not to worry about it, and started talking about my situation, giving me very comforting & loving words. And, you know what? He’s really punny! At one point he actually said “one day at a time,” and at another “it’s a heavy cross to bear,” I kid you not! Who knew???

    Also, one of my favorite channeled messages sites is Jesus through John… I’ll go find the link & be right back…

    1. Lol, how I LOVE when that happens!
      And yeah, J.C.’s such a cool dude……

      Oooooooo John is one of my favorites! I want to figure out how to record my posts and read them out the way he does!!!!!

  4. Julie, FCC streams their services. I think that if you look up the May 23rd service, you’ll be able to watch the handbells. We did a processional and started the service, plus rang a pretty cool piece. (Here is the link. we process at about 7 minutes, and I think we ring fairly early on: We are also ringing this Sunday, and again, you’d be able to watch it at your lesiure (I strongly suspect that going to an 0900 church service on Father’s Day is not high on your list of “things to do today”.

    1. And the handbells play “Down by the Riverside *with a dose of Peace Like a River* at the 25 minute mark. I arranged that piece for the Tuba Ensemble, and our renegade quintet is going to play it at First Congregational Church on July 5.

      1. I didn’t realize you were IN the church for services! We know the guy who runs that one. Excellent folks, him and his family. Because, of course they are, his name is Dan!

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