So, here’s a thing.  As you all know, my primary lesson in this lifetime is about Release.  But, I wonder, how many are drawn here for their own similar message?  (Especially in light of who sticks around and who shows up anew?)

             Our coming together, being pulled here into one place, is absolutely not by happenstance.  (Nothing ever is.)  This is no accident.  The exact spot we occupy is made sacred by our very existing in it.

             We travel to the locations, virtual or physical, which can benefit us the most.  This is a Universal truth.  A spiritual law.

             Here we all are, which then moves us to the next level……..

where does it lead?

             Do we help each other out?  Hell, yeah!  Do we support each other in all ways?  No question about it.  Does a coming-together heal?  Not a doubt about it.

             Simply being here (any lovingkindness-based location) is part of our journey.  Interacting with those who are also learning and growing and healing can do nothing BUT improve our lessons and growth.

             We are here, for our highest good, and that of those we care about.  (Here being where we sit, where we travel, where we land.)

             And on our card altar right now, within the regular rotation, we have even more validation.


“Letting Go  ~

‘I surrender joyously to the ebbing and flowing of life.’

Card meaning:

Surrender.  Relinquish control and allow Spirit to take over.  You don’t need to do everything by yourself.

All is well.  It’s time to just let it all go and enjoy the ride!  Doing so gives others permission to let go in their own lives.

The Universe wants you to know:

There are times to hold on for dear life, and times to simply throw your hands up and let go.  It’s time to release any limiting patterns, emotional attachments, or inner and outer clutter. 

Surrendering does not mean that you’re yielding to a force outside of yourself.  It means that you are allowing your soul to take over.  

Release the stress of needing to control things, wanting to determine the outcome of a situation, or expecting others to act in a particular way.  There is a simple grace and beauty that unfolds when you truly let go.

Loving spiritual help is all around you . . . . simply open your heart and let it in.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there anything that I need to release?  Is there a person or situation that I need to let go of?  Is there anyone who needs to let go of me?


I surrender joyously to the ebbing and flowing of life.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Gratitude:

is for my (many!) wonderful and generous friends.  Thank you.  Your gifts mean more to me than I can ever express.


4 thoughts on “A Matter of Evolving

  1. “So, here’s a thing. As you all know, my primary lesson in this lifetime is about Release. But, I wonder, how many are drawn here for their own similar message?” Well, Huh!? Ya know?

    Right now on top of my brother’s cancer, my daughter’s SO’s mother has made the decision to quit chemo (she has breast cancer) – but also told her daughter she isn’t allowed to come home just ’cause she is sick. Trilobite stumbled onto an apprenticeship in leather making back out in Texas (something she really likes) and applied. She was accepted, so while it isn’t right where her mother is, it is within driving distance. At the same time, the house that Saver and Trilobite thought they were getting to rent (owner very enthusiastic) was taken off the market. The apprenticeship is an old fashioned kind of deal where Trilobite will be living in one little room on the premises and it’s in the middle of nowhere. So not only can Saver not go, there isn’t anywhere for her to find work nearby. She still doesn’t drive. And she no longer has any place to live. They did not sign the lease on the house where they were living and two other people are scheduled to move in at the end of the month. So unless a surprise happens, Saver is coming home.

    Mom hates for her children to be unhappy. Mom wishes very, VERY much she could “fix” it. But I can’t. So, there is this whole control thing going on. Oh, yeah. So maybe I should get poster board and print RELEASE on it and paper the walls with it. *shakes head*

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