We seem to be skirting around the edges of a theme right now. Perspective and observation, looking and knowing.

             This feels appropriate as we leave that double Mercury retrograde behind, while at the same time head full-on into Summer.  This can bring about some very introspective emotions, as well as actions.

             We know now, even the choice to do NOTHING is a choice.  At this moment, choosing to open up and perceive is what’s recommended.



              By using our soul-eyes (more than our physical ones), we are better able to notice subtle and small ripples around us.  Minute and perhaps unperceptible to others, these images are our signs and symbols.

             To be the conscious observer, watching carefully, we can pick up on the tiniest of nuances.  We can notice and understand our messages on a deep and important level.

             Even our daily draw wholeheartedly agrees.  Returning to the card altar’s regular rotation, we are resoundingly validated.  And reminded of how valuable the effort of paying attention truly is.


“Reflect  ~

Keep your eyes open.

Joy lives in small places.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Musical Sharing:

is some outrageously beautiful mariachi tunes on a CD that I just picked up from the library tonight.  Uplifting, to say the least!  (Makes me proud of that side of my heritage.  We certainly ARE a festive people.)