Turns out, we haven’t moved on from yesterday’s message.  (A message about messages.)  I’ve been instructed to not even draw a new card.

             Instead, we are encouraged to (again) be aware of our signs and symbols.  But now, as they appear repeatedly.

Three times,

or more.

             I began calling this the Two-By-four Syndrome many years ago.  It’s when we think we might be maybe noticing something, but then we just let it go.  Only to find that it comes up and bashes us across the face.  Entirely because we were NOT acknowledging it.

             Symbols can be subtle.  Until they simply aren’t.  Signs might be mistaken for that mythological phenomenon some call “coincidence” – expect that there’s no such thing.

             Synchronicity?  Well now, that’s a force to be reckoned with.  And not one to ignored.

             The Universe wants us to be alert.  Hyper alert.  Especially to messages arriving several times in a row.   They will have great meaning, all we need to do is accept them.

Here’s a pretty view to make us all feel vacation-y, even if we’re just sitting at home.


I am peaceful and at ease.

I am filled with joy and lovingkindness.

I have left all negativity and stress behind.

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  1. References to gratitude and grace have been popping up all over the past two days. Guess I’m not devoting enough time to them! There’s my sign! 😀

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