When we look at our lives here, in these bodies, on these adventures, we sometimes think of our restrictions.  The “can’t” options.  We don’t always focus enough on the abilities part.

             That’s what I woke up with today, the feeling of how there is too much emotion invested in us feeling constricted, unhappy, dissatisfied.

             Here’s our key word, our focus point:


             Something we have more of than we even realize.  (Especially if we happen to be living in a democratic [if painfully flawed] country.)

             Moving down our path, we have choices.  We have opportunities.  We have the freewill to go or stay, turn left or right.  We can just dig our feet in and do not a damn thing if that’s what we want.

             Does one way help our progress more than others?  Sure.  It’s all about the journey, we know that.  This process is about the learning, the emotions, the heart and soul of what we are experiencing (as we heard yesterday).

             To be set free, to enjoy our release, we don’t need to quit anything, we merely have to pay attention.  We only have to make the simple and joyful choices.

             On our card altar right now, a triumphant guest has arrived.  However, note the angle of this view.  He showed up sideways.

reversed cards
Knight of Swords
not upright

             Flight.  Speed.  Directness.  Swift response.

             That’s how this messenger is best/usually described.  Not this time, though.  Right now he’s being slowed down.  He’s sensing a drag, a weight.

             And we are, too.  We don’t have the skill nor the acceleration we need to go any faster.  Yet.  We don’t have it, yet.  We will have it.  But we don’t.  Yet.

             We’re in the learning stages.  We can’t race off in an explosive burst.  Yet.  What we’re learning will help us to move more quickly.  Eventually.

             And, at the exact perfect time.  Our freedom, it’s closer than we think.  For now, we’ll go at THIS pace.   In lovingkindness and with full acceptance.  Because?  All movement is a gift, every day is still full of possibilities.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is a reminder of how valuable guided meditation can be.  Utilize this tool. They are available all over the place, go find one.  Or drag out some that you may have not listened to in far too long.  Spend a few moments on Self-Care.

             If you’re reading this, then you are worth it.