As we all know, this life is merely one in a long list of times we’ve been embodied.  Each time we wear a shell to cart our souls around in, and each time we learn something new.  That’s the point.

             But sometimes we get hung up on the physicality of it all.  Which is most certainly NOT the point.  Instead, it becomes a lesson.

             This morning I woke up with an image of how we need to remember what very little value our outer casing truly has.


             Along our journey we wear this body, we also live in a dwelling.  Both are part of our “housing” situation.  As are our gardens/yards, vehicles, offices, schools, and other buildings we spend time in.

              They don’t represent anything, they simply are.  The message today is about how we are absolutely encouraged to decorate them and make our surroundings pleasant, but we can’t get hung up on their cost or importance.

             When we do, it takes the focus away from our true purpose, our soul’s journey.

             Another part of why we’re here, wearing these shells and living in these boxes, has appeared on our card altar.  (And not for the first time lately, either.  Have you noticed how many of these are talking about relationships?)


“Angel of Union  ~

‘A partnership is blessed and destined for greatness.’

A merger, partnership, or relationship of some kind is being formed which holds long-term benefits for your life.

This relationship, partnership, or merger which is with someone you already know or deal with, is blessed and destined for great success of some kind.  Many great and wonderful things are birthed as a result of this union, which will continue to grow and strengthen for the rest of your life.

Thank the universe for this wonderful blessing!”

Today’s Deck:

Angles, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this shot Hanna that shared last night on Twitter.

She said it looked like they were laughing at us.
I have to agree.

              Any time I see dolphins, whatever else is happening dissolves.  They make me happy.  It’s as simple as that.