Today our message began with colours.  Autumnal shades, to be exact.  Even though, all around us we are looking at spring greens (and in many places, here included, it’s more about the soggy wet grays and blues).

             I was shown some deep burnt orange shades, and a faded golden yellow.  With these loud words:

an open door.

             The image was of us being observant, aware, answering the call.  Like this opportunity is merely a knock away.  We are being presented with some choices and select chances of greatness.

             We need do nothing more than keep our awareness honed and at the ready.  See, hear, watch, listen…… there will be signs.  There will be messages.  Our job right now is to notice them.

             And then, make the best of them.  Utilize what is being handed to us.  Don’t let this gift slip past.


           We’re being encouraged to walk down that road, take the next step, flow with what comes our way.  That’s what the Universe wants us to pay attention to.  That’s where our next great adventure will be.


I am open to new opportunities.

I am able to decide on the right opportunities for me to learn and grow.

I attract the right opportunity at the right time.

I have complete clarity.