As previously noted, I’m a fairly traditional Virgo.  In most categories.  But when it comes to certain parts of mind-type details, I’m really more lunar in nature.

             So when a message comes along which deals with very Sword* kind of topics, you can feel extra confident that I’m channeling the hell outta this one; most definitely coming through me not from me.

*All mental, all mind-oriented, very think-y.

             Here’s what I woke up with this morning:

mental clarity.

             You know that “ah ha!” moment, when everything makes sense and obnoxious problems (finally!) show their solutions?  Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about now.

            I’ve heard that studying an equation or reasoning out a tough dilemma gives the same results.  But as I have said here before, I’m an emotional decider.  Not an analytical one.

             Even so, this is a message for us all.  I might not think it all out, but the answers DO appear.  End result?  The same for everyone.  Clarity, in whatever form it decides to take.

             In the pool tonight I was having a conversation about accepting newness and the recent post here dealing with facing our challenges.  Then, when I came home and flipped our daily draw, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

             Perfect timing for some clear seeing and thinking!

divine father

“New Beginnings  ~  11  ~  Divine Father

Courage, Desire, Initiation, Creativity

The spark of life from our Divine Father is igniting your imagination, stirring your creative genius, and instilling in you a strong desire to bring about change.   Now is the perfect time for you to act upon your impulses and initiate new beginnings, especially in those areas of your life that leave you presently dissatisfied.

Trust your desire for change, and ask the Divine Father to give you the courage to initiate it.  Commit to your unique new ideas, start writing that book you’ve been thinking about, open that business you’ve been secretly desiring for so long, or break the ice in a new relationship with someone you have held back from.

The Divine Father encourages you to act with confidence.  All the elements for your success are in place.  Don’t hesitate, and don’t play it safe.

Take a leap of faith and commit fully to what you really want.  Your Divine Father’s message to you now is to ‘go for it’ – you can’t fail.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Business News:

is to say that I’m opening up my readings for Skype sessions.  E-mail me if you’re interested.  I’ve included updated pricing under the SERVICES tab.

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