I woke up early today (not by choice), and what I was first made aware of is how our relationships change/evolve over time.

             There was no real message in what I was shown, merely the knowledge that we see things differently the longer we know someone.  And they do the same.

             Then, when I got to our card altar, a similar idea was continuing there.  So, that’s who we’re going to listen to.


“Scorpion  ~

‘In a new relationship passion offers the challenge of ecstasy and pain.’

Imbued with powers of such wonder protecting the mighty Egyptian goddess, Isis, from puissant enemies, Scorpion inspires both reverence and respect.

Her sting brings forth both death and a potent aphrodisiac for her mate, passion: a reminder that sex affects our psyches in different and powerful ways.  At our most vulnerable we can be painfully hurt; at our most passionate, transported into ecstasy.

Relationships entered into now will profoundly affect your being.  Scorpion counsels that you accept the challenge.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green