There is a fine line, sometimes, between being confident and being pushy.  I’m not a great one for debates or structured arguments.  I either know something, or I don’t.

             I either believe in it, or I don’t.  For me, constantly rehashing is merely a frustration I can live without.  So when we discuss intent, or purposefulness, there is a certain amount of emotion that must be set aside.

             This is what I heard earlier:


             We tend to follow our hearts, or at least, you know that I do.  Others, maybe not as much.  Maybe you’re an analyzer, and you like to find all the facts.

             That’s great!  But, so is my way.  As is the way of anyone else we care to add in here.  As long as we have a solid intention, and positive-based foundation, I’m good with whichever method suits.

             When we Choose Joy, or focus on being filled with lovingkindness, those are both a determined mind-set.  They make a statement.  They are fuel for our on-going adventure.

             As we become more and more aware of our own soul’s journey, we can’t help but put that determination into action.  On the card altar right now, as we make our way around the regular rotation, that exact forward momentum is where our daily draw takes us.


“Move  ~  Guardian Angel

This is a message about moving – most likely it means that you’ll soon be moving to a new house……

This is also a message about moving your body more.  The angels ask you to create movement in your life through physical motion………

All this movement helps you make a fresh start.  It ushers in wonderful new people, experiences, and opportunities, so give any worries you may have about making these changes over to (Mr and Mrs) God and your guardian angels.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Business Update:

is to say that I’m thinking of switching these posts to a weekly format.  It’s part of what’s happening in my life and what’s happening in my work.  (You will have plenty of advance notice before anything different takes place.)


4 thoughts on “The Assuradeness Aspect

  1. Hmmm, changes. Always there, with the only constant being change. I hope that all is well and that changes here reflect growth, and in a positive direction. I will miss the daily connection, and cherish the weekly connection.

  2. yeah, what Xena said about the new format. Of course we will support you no matter what you do! re today’s post, I tend to be somewhat more on the side of analysis than heart, which is one of the reasons I love reading your posts. It’s good to see things from another perspective.

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